The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives of the Kade Constituency, in the Eastern region, have vowed to kick against any attempt by power brokers at the presidency to nominate one Gifty Asare aka Ohemaa, as the next Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area.

According to the group, the woman in question is allegedly walking around posing as an NPP member and lobbying for the top position in the constituency when as a matter of fact she does not possess any membership card.

This was revealed at a press conference addressed by the Conveyer who also doubles as the NPP Party Vice-Chairman for the Kade Constituency.

Below is the full address statement by the group


Nananom, constituency Executives, coordinators, concerned party faithfuls, the media, voluntary Groups, ladies and gentlemen, you are all warmly welcomed to this important press conference by the party.

We have invited all of you here to bring to your notice and voice out our displeasure on certain occurrences that have started disturbing the peace and wellbeing of the party in our constituency.

Going straight to the point, there is this issue of one lady known as Gifty Asare , a.k.a Ohemaa who became known in the constituency somewhere in November, 2020 during the party’s campaign for the General Elections.

This lady has been going around the constituency parading herself as the preferred candidate for MCE in our municipality. This is unfortunate and we want to use this forum to alert the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, the Regional Party Executives and the National Executive that the said Gifty Asare is not known as such and not the preferred choice for MCE in our constituency.

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She is even not a registered member of the party in the constituency, she did not vote during elections and has therefore not worked within the constituency for the party. Gifty Asare (Ohemaa) has been going round using cunning ways to organize Chiefs, Queen mothers, and some opinion leaders for press conferences appealing to the President that Kwaebiberim Municipality needs a female as the next M.C.E. This assertion is not a true reflection of the opinion of our municipality.

We are appealing to the president, Nana Addo Dankwa that the greatest harm He will do to Kwaebibirem is to appoint Gifty Asare as our M.C.E. she has not served the party nor contributed to the development of the party in our constituency to warrant her this appointment. There are so many party faithful’s, both male and female who helped to wrestle power from our opponents and continued to work to retain power. Such faithful should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

We believe that proper consultation using the bottom-up approach in the constituency will give us our choice of MCE but not to someone who want to reap where she has not sown. Gifty Asare’s actions are fake and a threat to our party structures. · Our second issue deals with chieftaincy disputes within Kade Township.

Kade is the municipal head and any occurrence in Kade affects every part of the constituency. Unfortunately, our current MCE, Hon Seth Antwi Boasiako meddled with Kade chieftaincy issues and took sides with one faction against the other. This action affected

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the peace and development of Kade and the environs. This action on the part of the MCE caused disaffection from the people hence several calls for his removal. We vehemently disapprove of his reappointment for a second term.

To make matters worse, the same Gifty Asare (Ohemaaa) mentioned earlier is the daughter of the Abusuapanin of the town. They are also a faction of the Kade Chieftaincy disputes hence Gifty cannot be an MCE over here because the problem cannot be solved.

We are looking forward to the appointment of a neutral person who will help promote peace and development. We have a lot of such neutral party faithfuls who are waiting for an appointment through grassroots participation.

· Kade constituency is on record to be third in terms of votes for NPP in the whole of Eastern Region. From 1992, we have never let the party down and appreciate in terms of votes. With this performance, we expect that, when positions in government are being given out, we should not be left out.

Unfortunately, we have been left out despite our over 35,000 votes in the recent elections. We also need CEOs, Board Members, Ambassadors etc from Kade. Our time is up so please listen to us and redeem our image as a strong NPP Constituency. We are looking forward to hear favourably from the office of the president to soothe our pains. It is not too late.

· Our roads are in deplorable states, Kade is now a municipality hence our roads should

also be made to match our status. It looks as if our silence is being misconstrued as a weakness. Far from that, we want to uphold the dignity and respect for our party

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hence our silence. Kwaebibirem roads should be constructed to meet her municipal status. Where is the contractor on Subi-Asuom road, he started very well but it seems everything has come to a halt. We do not want to see ourselves as being cheated.

We are part of the party and deserve to be treated as such.

Nananom, party faithfuls, media present, we wish you well and commend you for your participation.

Long live Kade Constituency NPP

Long live Regional and National Executives Long live Ghana,

Thank you.


NPP Party, Kade Constituency (Vice-Chairman)


Osei Fred


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