When I say Manasseh is full of hypocrisy, unfairness; he is selective, self-centered, greedy and a tool for destruction some idiots find their voices to support his vendetta against Jospong. If not hypocrisy and personal vendetta, why will somebody who touts himself as a corruption and fair deal crusader forget himself and sit on national television and say that he will not offer an opinion on Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil who he sees as his father and therefore respects in the event of public attack on him. He says on same platform that he will not also criticise Multi-Media Group’s owner Kwesi Twum because he gave him job and after his exit he still calls to check on him and by extension family?

When Manasseh called Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong owner of Zoomlion Ghana Limited and the Jospong Group of Companies (JGC) not worthy to be a church elder and a crook who engages in fraudulent and shady deals with government did he know that Mr. Agyepong like Kwesi Twum also owns a vociferous and robust media platform that he employs several equally qualified journalists like Manasseh if not better informed? Did he respect him? Are they colleagues?

I have so much respect for Dr. Otabil’s preaching and his resilient success in business by establishing one of the great private universities in Ghana but Manasseh compels me by his selective kind of journalism each time to use the man of God as my reference and may God forgive me if my using him as reference is sinful. But does Manasseh not know that Jospong own a bank (Omni Bank) now OmniBsic Bank which has passed the financial sector clean up test against Capital Bank that his father Otabil as Board Chair failed to manage to survive same test in spite of the over 60 million Ghana cedis Capital Bank received from the Bank of Ghana (BOG)? So why will respect make you reserve your needed opinions against Dr. Otabil and denigrate with impunity the name of Dr. Agyepong in that manner and turn around to tell us that it is due to respect you have for Dr. Otabil and Kwesi Twum that you reserve your opinions about them against the need of the public to know your opinions about things especially that Capital bank saga? What is your opinion about the monies that vanished into thin air? We need to know so don’t deny us that because of your malevolent selfish ego or we conclude that you disrespect and hate Jospong.

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Manasseh exposed his hypocritical self on Adom TV’s Nnaw)twe yi show when he sought to give reasons why he never commented on the Capital Bank collapse saga. He cannot be forced to react to issues concerning the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Rev. Pastor Mensa Otabil because of respect but he forgot that he brought his association to Otabil through his write ups and wedding stories that raises the public concerns on why he should share his opinion on him when he got himself into that saga.

“In journalism, there are two things; the news and opinions but sometimes when the news is presented, you can give opinions. When Otabil’s issue came, the news was reported and there were no opinions likewise the lighthouse stories. “When the DKM, Duffuor, Kofi Amoabeng and the other banks collapsed, nobody called me to comment so why were they mounting pressure and condemning me for not saying anything?” he queried.

“I want to put on record that I will never come out to give any opinion. There are people in our lives that you don’t go out to attack them after the story has been told because of the relationship you have with them,” he warned. As a result of the importance of building and maintaining relationships, he noted that he still has a good relationship with the Chief Executive Officer of the Multimedia Group, Kwesi Twum, who calls to check up on him. In view of this, he will never come out to offer opinions if such people are being attacked in the future over an incident. I don’t want such people to be disappointed in me because they didn’t expect certain comments from me. If you cannot defend them, the best thing is to keep quiet so I didn’t find calls to speak about Otabil a wise thing to do,” he stated.

Does Manasseh’s relationship with some people absolve them from wrongdoing or make them virtuous than others? Is Manasseh aware that people also cherish the ones he denigrates and insults on daily basis such as he did to Former President John Dramani Mahama is doing to H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and has always done to Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong among others? To say that you could not defend Otabil is your own verdict of guilt on the man of God because if there were indeed facts and defendable mechanisms to defend him we know you Manasseh, you would have done it over and again. But that was wrong though, you disappointed us your followers because your opinion of not defending him because you were not clothed with superior facts to defend him would have helped us to take our individual opinions so you should have made it public.

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It is unfortunate Manasseh picks and chooses to share his opinions especially on some people but that should not apply when there is public uproar about something seemingly bad about his relations and when they do it is public trial. That is why he has over recycled his devilish stories against Jospong and Zoomlion in the wicked and selfish vendetta efforts to the extent that it has hyperbolically extinguished and he is not even aware. We see Jospong and Zoomlion doing wonders for Ghana and all you do is to refer us to some lop-sided documentary you made for yourself.

If criticism means disrespect can you tell how many times you have disrespected the sitting and former presidents of this republic and the unending times you insulted and disrespected with disdain the owner of Zoomlion? Will it mean that you disrespected Mr. Roland Agambire when you criticized and made sure his business went down completely to satisfy your ego? I use to think they were genuine opinions you shared then but today you are telling us only people you do not respect or have a relationship with are those you share opinion on their public and business lives. I thought people from Bongo and Sirigu were the same so Awuni and Agambire were until the Krachi raised Manasseh controverted me in this his televised programme.

You are simply working for your paymasters against Jospong and it is evident your recent comments ropes Kwesi Twum into the fore. He still gives you the platform to lambast Jospong and his conglomerate unfairly. If that your fight favours him why will he not call to check on you? You should have told the public the money you have been receiving from him for this vendetta agenda too.

Dr. Agyepong is made of God and your wicked vendetta has failed and will forever fail because his is just and God protects what HE has made.

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When Dr. Agyepong established and built Zoomlion which has established the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant (ACARP) which receives and manages most of the waste from East and North Accra at Adjen Kotoku, for reasons of reducing travel time and road traffic it constructed the Achimota and Teshie Waste Transfer Stations, built the biggest waste compost and recycling plant of Africa in Kumasi which receives and processes 2,400 tons of waste in a day, completed and is also constructing waste water treatment plant at Lavender Hill, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and Tema and, constructed the IRECOP project at Old Fadama in Accra that receives and processes some 400 tons of waste in a day in Accra and is replicating same based on the clarion calls by Regional Ministers in the rest of the sixteen regions we have not heard or read your positive comment yet about their efforts which exposes your biases that you have exhibited on Adom TV.

In that vein your kind of journalism is unsubstantiated. You use the skill to write and speak to fight your enemies which isn’t journalism. Jospong happens to be one of them for unjustifiable reasons but I keep telling you that the way and manner you cherish and respect Pastor Otabil and Kwesi Twum many of us though we respect them too we respect, cherish and hold in high esteem Jospong more for the greater achievements chalked in the space of fifteen years for Ghana in the environmental sanitation space.

The space is too big, I will advise you to live and he lives otherwise expect the worse from some of us. I am reading and listening to you even if you say something in the hole against Jospong I will come at you because for my knowledge of what the man has done for Ghana I won’t sit for you to smear him with your evil tactics.

Jospong has employed or caused to employ more than any Ghanaian has after government of Ghana. He has solved our social problems more than any Ghanaian private man so if you cannot help him build the empire the best for you is to remain silent as done on your respected father’s bank saga.

Wickedness, hatred and hypocrisy will kill you. Period!

Mashoud Bawa

Writer is a development communications specialist with keen interest in matters of environmental sanitation and an avowed admirer of sanitation efforts by Jospong/Zoomlion

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