Joe Banfro

“There’s none like you, I will praise you forever for the goodness you’ve shown me…”

These are some of the lyrics one can hear in the unsatisfying trailer of the yet-to-be-released single ‘Moko B3’.

Following a successful release of his first single in February 2021, many have been expecting another hit from the ‘Worthy of my Praise’ singer, Minister Joe Banfro.

The United Kingdom-based worship and praise minister is well noted for his commitment and undying love to not only praising God, but inspiring all under his ministration to do same.

Born to Ghanaian parents in Accra, the capital of Ghana, Joe Banfro also known as Minister JB says ‘now we know, is the right time for Moko B3’.

Speaking in a telephone conversation with Modern Ghana Online, Minister Joe Banfro noted that creation tells the magnificence of God and no matter how longer some humans attempt to equate God to his own creatures, ‘there’s still none like him’.

“The extent of his goodness and unending mercies towards humankind makes him sizeless hence I feel obliged to always extol him.

…My wife and I found ourselves in a dead-end situation in a hospital, the only option we had was to call on God, we did and he miraculously answered.” He noted passionately.

As for the exact story, Joe tells Modern Ghana Online he will sharing it on later today as he releases the single track which many are already anticipating.

‘Moko B3’ (None like you) is from us to our unconditionally-loving father, the creator of heaven and earth to whom none can be compared’. He stressed.

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Moko B3 is a beautiful blend of two Ghanaian dialects; Twi and Ga laced with some slight Queen’s language with sweet harmonious voices from the renowned Minister and his able backers and above all filled with the Holy Spirit.

From today Thursday, May 20, 2021, Moko B3 is on all online stores.

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