Albert Dwumfour, President of the GJA
Albert Dwumfour, President of the GJA

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) will be going to the polls although the specific date has not been announced by the Elections Committee.

Following the filing of nominations two weeks ago, many aspirants have expressed interest in contesting for various positions including the Presidency.

Three strong men have expressly declared their intentions and determination to take over from Affail Monney, the incumbent President whose tenure of office expired in November last year.

The aspirants are, Dave Agbenu, former General Secretary of the GJA and current Editor of the Ghanaian Times Newspaper, Gayheart Edem Mensah, former Communications Director of Vodafone Ghana, Tullow Oil Ghana, and Barclay’s Bank, and Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, a PR and Media consultant, current National Organizing Secretary of the GJA,  Former Managing Director of Atinka Media Village, Head of Corporate Affairs of Tobinco Group, which has 11 subsidiaries  and CEO of  De Westend Communications, publishers of the Daily Analyst and Business Analyst  Newspapers .

All the aforementioned personalities have had the opportunity of serving at the highest level either in the private sector or public sectors, therefore, they have all been viewed as qualified enough to occupy the GJA Presidency in their individual rights and based on personal records.


Among the three contestants vying for the Presidency, Gayheart Edem Mensah is the oldest and Albert Kwabena Dwumfour is the youngest, but vibrant.

Among the three personalities asking for delegates votes, Dave Agbenu, is the only one in public service, the other two are in the private sector.


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Although relatively young, Albert Dwumfour has personally achieved so much economic prosperity in the private sector with an impeccable track record of setting up the Atinka Media Village which has become a force to reckon with in the Ghanaian media landscape, employing hundreds of Ghanaians and winning awards from credible organizations for compelling TV content like Di Asa and Kronkron.

The other two aspirants although have had the benefit of serving in various capacities, they have never ever managed staff running into hundreds, except holding forth as departmental heads.

The contribution of all the three aspirants to the development, sustenance and growth of the GJA cannot be discounted, but in terms of the personality who has touched lives within the Association, Albert Kwabena Dwumfour stands tall.

He has made the welfare of members, his priority, and primary responsibility, primarily to create an enduring bond between the top and bottom of the GJA.

Albert Kwabena Dwumfour cannot be sacrosanct, therefore had his flaws, but his welfare brush has touched every Tom -Dick and Harry in the executive branch of the Association at the regional and national levels.

He has leveraged on the scope of his private sector network to advance the cause of the GJA.

This private sector network maneuvering to secure opportunities for the Association, manifested itself during the series of GJA awards organized in the last three years.

He is the only candidate who has traveled to every corner of this country, attending funerals and important functions of members especially on matters that affect regional executives of the GJA.

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Albert Kwabena Dwumfour has been described as the backbone of the current national executives following the display of true leadership qualities, practically exhibited during his tenure, in managing the welfare and difficulties of regional executives even occasionally at the blind side of other national executives.

His determination to lead the GJA, many contend, stems on the fact that the bigger the platform he gets, the mightier his service will assume to members and the Association.

He leads humanity with humility, for tranquility and stability. His major weapons as an aspiring presidential candidate of the GJA, have already been built around him, thus, his personality naturally creates room for accessibility.

His humility, generosity and wider network, also create opportunities for members who intend to grow and remain professional in their duties as media practitioners.


For many of the journalists who will make the ultimate decision, Albert Kwabena Dwumfour remains the most affable. He has leveraged on this exceptional quality to make friends, create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility among the rank and file of the GJA.


As an executive of the Association, I have worked with Albert Dwumfuor, and can attest to the fact that he is naturally humble.  Unfortunately, his confidence level has been misinterpreted and misconstrued by many non-reliable members of the Association to mean pride, but he is never a man with an irritating ego, as others.


Albert Dwumfour has been described by conservatives within the Association as a non-conformist because of his desire to bring change to bear, but only people with misplaced agenda and myopic mindset will buy into these presumptions. Those who truly want decisive change, are strongly rooting for the change agent, because he has vision and has been adequately prepared in his exploits in the private sector with the capacity to occupy any position including the GJA Presidency.

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For many who are still leaving in their dreams, the sincerity of Albert Dwumfour, in calling a spade a spade, connotes being a talkative, because his honesty is not only biting hard and breaking the glass ceiling, but building the future of the GJA on a firm foundation. This quality, is certainly far from the appetizing assumptions cajoling the ignorance of feeble minds bent on destroying the fortunes of the GJA.


Leadership all over the world has never been premised on years, or measured based on age, but experience and exceptional qualities manifestly justified by privileged ones who have had the opportunity of serving and leading. Albert Dwumfour is older than most of the Ministers of state occupying various positions in government at the moment and yet only the qualities they exhibit determines how they perform in office and not anything about their ages.

The GJA members are wide awake, and are very prepared to elect the people’s choice, the man of the moment, the leader we can all trust, believe, see, feel, and work with.  He stands tall.

Your vote for Albert Kwabena Dwumour is just going to be the beginning of the transformation of the GJA.

Credit: Zambaga Rufai Saminu

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