Woshishije Cultural Group
Woshishije Cultural Group

Ghana is indeed endowed with diverse cultural groups, and each group or ensemble has a unique element that makes it stand out – such is Woshishije.

The Woshishije Cultural Group is known for their distinctive presentations such as their traditional dress and presentation of authentic dances from over sixteen (16) ethnic groups of Ghana which includes Ga, Ewe, Anlo, Dagomba, Bono, Dagaati, Kokonmba, Asante, Fante, Akwapim, Akyem, Ahanta, etc.

The dance group focuses on each ethnicity’s rich cultural heritage and their day-to-day activities such as their traditional festival, fashion, music, and art.  

Woshishije is also known to integrate each ethnic’s cultural background and traditions into their dance performances and choreography. By this, the group often draws from traditional dance forms, music, and costumes from their culture and brings a unique perspective and interpretation to their presentations.

Repertories of Woshishije include Adowa, Adzogbo, Bamaaya, Agbadza, Fontomfrom, Gome, Gota, FumeFume, and Kete.

The group’s enchanting dancers like Juliana, Priscilla, Angela, Hannah, Judith, and their counterpart drummers are carefully selected to represent different cultures in Ghana to enhance their presentation with meaning whiles maintaining their authenticity.

Among some of their popular dance presentations are Fumefume, a fetish dance style originally from the Ivory Coast that is associated with the Ewe people of Ghana.  Atsiagbekor – a traditional dance of the Ewe-speaking people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin.

Fontomfrom or Bomaa is the most complex of all musical types of the Akan of Ghana. It is a series of warrior dances that are performed in religious, ceremonial and social contexts at the courts of chiefs.

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Woshishije is frequently billed to perform at events during weekends in Accra and is usually seen performing the Kete and Adowa masterpieces for Chiefs and Traditional leaders.

Drummers of Woshihije Ernest, Quaye, Hene, and Alhassan are known to be the masters of the sticks.

These performers are masters of the traditional instruments and techniques in their playing, bringing a distinct perspective and interpretation to contemporary drumming styles. They all come to the group with enough knowledge about their ethnicity, history, and rich culture.

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