Woshishije Cultural Group from Ghana
Woshishije Cultural Group from Ghana

The Ghana-based cultural group, ‘Woshishije’ which means ‘Our Beginning’ was originally established in 1990 by Jason Quarshie in the suburb of Accra.  

Woshishije is known to be the originators of “installation by dance” which gives details of the Fontomfrom Dance and Drums and how it be used as an instrument to display traditions and education on stage.

The troupe is an affiliate of the Dance Department of the School of Performing Arts of the University of Ghana, Accra Center for National Culture, Ghana National Dance Ensemble, and the National Commission on Culture, Ghana.

Woshishije Cultural Group pieces reflect lived experiences and cultural frameworks through the unity of rhythm and movement. The group’s wide-ranging repertoire emerges from a creative combination of indigenous, imaginative, and contemporary sources. Through this repertoire, Woshishije Cultural Group aims to unite, educate, and entertain audiences, tourists, students, and researchers while representing Ghana and African traditions around the world.

The music and dance troupe has performed in many Ghanaian traditional cultural Festivals, celebrations, Governmental occasions, ceremonial events, durbars, weddings, and funerals; all in the interest of keeping the Ghanaian traditional music and dance, drumming and culture alive, while celebrating African tribal customs.

During the 1960s, the leading fathers of the group were the originators of the Gombe dance and its drum, Fume-fume dance, Osrama dance and drums, Kpanlogo Dance and drums which was the unique dance and drumming festival of the Ga Dangbe tradition Area.

As one of the oldest groups in Ghana, they have trained uncountable dancers, and many have become famous and have formed groups out of that. Woshishije is known for Ghanaian Traditional dances like Atsiagbekor, Fumefume, Kpanlogo dance, and drumming.

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Woshihije is known in Ghana as great performers in dance-drama, using the historic drums to tell a story, performing traditional dances like “Tigali” to tell an ancestral story of how our ancient fathers used to communicate with the “gods” and to foretell the future.

Woshishije has won prestigious awards in Ghana and has been recognised for their hardwork, especially for the training that the pioneers are able to offer young talents to maturity level. As a nation, we are grateful to have unique talents and arts from a dedicated group seeking to maintain our traditions through performances and education.

Despite the harsh conditions of life, the group has maintained its standard of excellence in commitment and performance.

Woshishije Cultural Troupe is one of the outstanding groups that perform a combination of traditional dance, music, fireworks, cycling, and music all in one in a dynamic stage performance with dramatisations, which provoke raw emotions from audiences without fail.

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