Stephen Atubiga has formed the National Liberation Congress (NLC)
Stephen Atubiga has formed the National Liberation Congress (NLC)

Stephen Atubiga a former member of the New Democratic Congress (NDC) has unleashed attacks on his former party accusing the party leadership of investing in womanizing and bonking.

He revealed that these among other things have pushed him to form his own party the National Liberation Congress (NLC). 

According to the founder and leader of the NLC, Stephen Atubiga, the split was necessary due to poor leadership and a lack of credible policies by the NDC. Adding the National Liberation Congress is a true socialist and democratic party.

“National Liberation Congress we represent the poor, we are socialist. The only difference between NLC and NDC is, that the NLC represents the real social Democratic or the social ideology of the vision of our founder JJ Rawlings. Everything about NLC is JJ Rawlings; our vision, our manifesto, our beliefs, everything is about his vision for the poor, probity, and accountability”.

He said the leadership of the party under the  National Chairman Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has lost credibility and probity as a democratic party.

“The NDC is doing that is what we are against. The emerging incompetence of Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and the current leadership of the NDC have ruined the vision of the NDC that’s why we broke away. The NDC stands for the poor, stands for accountability, there is no more accountability in the NDC, there is no more probity in the party, one can not question the actions and inactions of the executives and that is not the belief of the NDC that is why we split from the NDC”. 

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Emphasizing that current leadership runs the party like a church organisation; “Running the NDC like a church; the NDC has never been a religious institution it’s basic is to win power and give people good governance and relieve Ghanaians that’s NDC anything else does not matter but what we see today is they have allowed buttocks to sink the party. Buttocks sink NDC, buttocks is sinking NDC, how can you give campaign funds to a lady who is not the treasure of the party to manage during the 2020 election that is why you saw the woman’s organizer office was not functioning,” he stated. 

Mr Stephen Atubiga said, when the NLC wins power in comes 2024 general election, they will erect a library in JJ Rawlings’s honour at prominent locations across the country which will serve as a tourist destination.

“The NLC believes in Jean Mensah’s competent leadership one billion times more than that of Charlotte Osei who fought her colleagues in the office perfectly than supervising in the country. How might five million fail to compile results? How is it possible that 1.7 million people could not build a more capable IT centre for data collection than a Binduri interest cafe that we all saw? The NLC will undoubtedly save the NDC, reform it, and reconstruct it in the 2028 election with the help of our mother party’s people. We will carry out JJ Rawlings both internally and externally”, he explained.

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He further said the NDC is not ready to win the 2024 general elections, hence wants to capitalise on the lapses of the current government to organise a coup d’ètat which the NLC will not allow rather they will fight with their last blood.

Mr. Stephen Atubiga in his conclusion emphasised the NLC is not interested in criticising any government currently in power or in the future.

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