Dr. Yang Tao Left and the Chinese Medical Team Leader Dr. Yu
Dr. Yang Tao Left and the Chinese Medical Team Leader Dr. Yu

A Health Assistant at the Beijing Clinic in Accra who was suffering from Chronic Osteomyelitis after an implant from another hospital following his involvement in a fatal motor accident is now walking free with no pain at all.

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection caused by bacteria or fungi. It causes painful swelling of bone marrow, the soft tissue inside your bones.

Without treatment, swelling from this bone infection can cut off blood supply to your bone, causing the bone to die.

According to Isaac, he lost all hope due to the unbearable pain he suffered because his Femur Bone developed a fracture.

Thanks to the good works and timely treatment performed by the Chinese Medical Team from the LEKMA Hospital led by Dr. Yang Tao and Dr. Yu.

“With the accident, I had four surgeries due to the Ostemyeltis but I was still feeling the pains with discharges and pieces of bones coming out. I was growing lean and couldn’t eat. When I resumed work at Beijing Clinic and Doctor Jiang saw me, he wasn’t happy with my condition so he helped me to seek treatment from the Chinese Medical team at LEKMA Hospital in June and I can say to the Glory of God, I am standing here today without any pain in my bones. I say a very big Thank you to Dr. Yang Tao and Dr. Yu,” Isaac Yikpakuyen stated.

All of these were made known when the renowned Chinese Herbal Center Beijing Clinic led by Dr. John Jiang held a Dinner on Sunday at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra to welcome the 11th Batch of the Chinese Medical Team sent by the Chinese Government to the Republic of Ghana to support Ghana’s health sector.

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The Dinner was also used to welcome members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. John Jiang on his part acknowledged the immense contributions of the Chinese government that has over the years deployed Chinese Health professionals to come and support Ghana’s health and medical sector.

“I want to thank the medical team from China’s Guangdong Province and the Chinese Government for the amazing support they have offered to Beijing Clinic especially one of our staff Isaac so far,” he said.

Dr. Jiang also shared some background about Isaac’s condition.

Beijing Clinic was established in July 1995 by Doctor John Jiang Aijun and specializes in the treatment of stroke, heart diseases, and hepatitis.

It is the premier Chinese clinic in Ghana that provides specialized medical treatment for patients using acupuncture, therapeutic massage and acupressure.

More importantly, it uses both traditional and scientific Chinese herbal medicines, which almost have no side effects.

The clinic is well recognized by Traditional Medicine Practice Council in Ghana (TMPC) of which Dr. John Jiang is one of its special advisors.

He is also the General Secretary of the Ghana Traditional Chinese Medical Association.

Beijing Clinic is also called to serve as a special advisory body on the National Technical Committee of Ghana Standard Authority in 2015 for standard traditional medicine development.

Dr. Yang Tao Left and Dr. Yu
Dr. Yang Tao Left and Dr. Yu
Dr. Yu
Dr. Yu
Dr. Yang Tao
Dr. Yang Tao
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