Paris 2024

Paris 2024 has opened the application portal for the volunteer programme for next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. The programme is open to all – both in France and internationally – and May 3, 2023, is the deadline to apply.

According to the organisers, “a total of 45,000 volunteers will have the opportunity to live unique moments and experience the Games from the inside with the Olympic Games on 26 July to 11 August 2024 and the Paralympic Games on 28 August to 8 September 2024.”

RUSSIANS AND BELARUSIANS? At the media briefing yesterday (March 21), organisers were asked about the participation of Russians and Belarusians and Alexandre Morenon-Condé, the Paris 2024 volunteer programme director stressed: “The volunteer programme is open to all, no exceptions are made.

“But we do say in the Charter, that if you reside in the area we have to make sure that you are able to take the right administrative process to be a volunteer and come to France to be there for the duration of the Games.”

The participation of Russian or Belarusian athletes at Paris 2024, albeit as individual, neutral athletes, following the invasion of Ukraine has been a serious bone of contention in the world of sports. According to the IOC, “no decision has been taken” on this issue.

KEY ROLE The volunteers will be mobilised throughout France at all the official venues of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and will play a key role in all sectors of the event delivery including welcoming and guiding spectators and accredited persons, assisting sports delegations, accompanying athletes to competition venues and press operations, transporting accredited persons, supporting timekeeping activities, participating in the distribution of equipment, and providing medical assistance, etc.

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HOW TO APPLY The three basic conditions to apply are: applicants must be over 18 years old on 1 January 2024, speak at least French or English, and be available for at least 10 days during the Olympic and/or the Paralympic Games. Anyone interested in this opportunity can access the unique application portal on the Paris 2024 website.

“Joining Paris 2024 is an opportunity for the volunteers. But the volunteers are also an opportunity for Paris 2024, as they bring their enthusiasm, energy and skills,” says Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 President.

“They are the face, the soul, the heart and the smile of our Games!”

Paris 2024
Paris 2024

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE “There will be something for everyone,” said Morenon-Condé. We have put in place a process to find where you are best suited as a volunteer.

“The programme is open to everyone, including disabled candidates. Paris has the biggest number of options, but there are 5,000 roles outside this area in places like Lille or Marseille.

“The portal on the Paris 2024 site is a one-stop shop. It will take you between 35 to 45 minutes to register, which you can do using a tablet, phone or laptop. There is no draw – but it is not first come, first served.”

FIRST PHASE He continued: “We are going to use each piece of information we receive. The first phase will involve an algorithm that will orientate candidates towards different types of missions and sites.

“For example, if you say you are available for the Paralympics, and ready to give up so many days, and you live here, and you speak these languages – the system will have needs predictions and will pre-orientate candidates accordingly.”

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ACCOMMODATION Morenon-Condé explained that Paris 2024 will not be providing accommodation or transport costs for volunteers: “However, when we are allocating different volunteers to different places, we will ask them about where they are going to be staying, and we will work to ensure we are giving them roles that fit best.”

When asked if volunteers would be given a ticket to enjoy a bit of spectator experience, Morenon-Condé said: “When you experience the Games as a volunteer you are on the inside already. I have been a volunteer in the past. It’s an incredible experience.

“If you want to be a part of the Games in this way you are a volunteer. If you want to see it as a spectator your journey is slightly different – but that means you are not a volunteer per se.

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