When the school children came back from break time, the smiles on their faces and the number of times the teacher had to say, “Keep quiet!” painted the picture of what just 15 minutes of fun had done for the children.

From those who ran around to others who played games that they made up on the go, this short time of play was all they needed to get energised for the rest of the school day.

As parents, we all want to give our children the best possible start in life. We want them to be healthy, happy, and successful. One of the best ways to help our children thrive is through play. At Lifebuoy, we believe this. That is why we are leveraging play as a tool for education as Global Handwashing Day (GHD) 2023 approaches.

Play is essential for children’s development. It helps them learn about the world around them, develop their social skills, and express their creativity. From intense physical activity like football, to arts and crafts that build talents, to mental games like puzzles and board games, children develop necessary skills that will help them succeed in school and in their future workplaces when they play.

One of the most important things that children learn through play is how to interact with others. Kids learn how to share, cooperate, and take turns. They also learn how to resolve conflicts and solve problems.

In addition to social skills, play also helps children develop their cognitive skills. They learn how to think creatively, solve problems, and make decisions, as well as how to focus and pay attention.

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Finally, play helps children develop their emotional skills, teaching them to express their emotions in a healthy way, how to cope with stress or defeat, and how to build resilience.

As we approach GHD on 15th October, let us remember the importance of play in children’s development and educating them about handwashing. By ensuring that our children have plenty of opportunities to play and learn, we can be certain that they will grow up to be healthy, happy, and successful adults.

Lifebuoy as a partner to GHD 2023 will introduce specific board games such as Snakes and Ladders and Ludo, that will help children remember to wash their hands. Look out for these. Through play, we are determined to teach about not just the benefits of handwashing, but how to do it effectively.

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