Photo: From Left The Main Plotter Of The Unlawful Arrest, Henry Ayi Addo & GDLA Boss King Ayi Tunma

My attention has been drawn to a publication of 18th. October, 2023, on various social media platforms, a story directed at me with the caption “GDLA Boss Arrested by Accra Regional Police Command Over Unlawful Sale of Lands at La, Tse-Ado.”

The story further reads; “The Accra Regional Police Command has arrested the founder of the Defunct Ga Dangbe Lands Administration (GDLA) David Adjekwei Adjei alias kimens also popularly called King Ayi Tunma.

The arrest was carried at the early hours of 5am of Wednesday 18th of October, 2023 at his residence at Sowutuom in GA West District of the Greater Accra Region.

The arrest of King Ayi Tunma which was carried out in a Rambo style from the gate of his residence was carried out by a special assigned team of the Counter Terrorism Unit of the Ghana Police Service of the Greater Accra Regional Police Command.

The suspect who according to sources revealed that, they acted upon a complaint of the sale of a landed property belonging to one Dr. Desmond Nii Odartey Aryee – Boi , Chief Executive Officer for Bonades Construction Company limited which has its office complex at Tse- Ado in La”.

The said publication contains malicious and false allegations about my person which portrays me as a fraudster in the eyes of right-thinking men, and I wish to respond as follows;

Yes, indeed I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Ga Dangbe Land Administration which is not defunct, and there is a case against me before the Accra Regional Police Command by the said complainant, Dr. Desmond Nii Odartey Aryee-boi over some two plots of land at the backyard of the former office of the Ga Dangbe Lands Administration office at Tse Addo. The said office is a property of the Complainant and not the land in contention.

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The Said Land under contention is under the Trust of the Ga Dangbe Lands Administration and has been lying fallow for some time, the attention of the Ga Dangbe Lands Administration Secretariate was drawn to it by the Complainant (Dr. Desmond Nii Odartey Aryee-boi) during the period of the Secretariat’s tenancy on his private property behind the said land under contention.

The Complainant drew the Attention of the Ga Dangbe Land Administration about some past confrontations and events that had transpired on the land and implored on the Secretariat (GDLA) to put it to use or dispose it off.

The GDLA in a resolution decided to sell the land out to a private developer who has since started developing it.

It was the considered view of the complainant that he will get some commission from the proceeds of the sale of the land, but it was during the same period that the Complainant informed the GDLA of his decision to convert the facility being used as a secretariat (his property) to a private medical facility which demands that the GDLA vacates his premises, of which we had no option.

The GDLA having moved out and the land under contention having been disposed by the GDLA and the complainant seeing that the land is been developed without the payment of his expected commission resorted to the police under the ruse that his land has been unlawfully taken from him and sold to a private developer.

In fact, the Complainant has on several occasions called my good self to demand for his Commission but I informed him the land was sold for $200, 000 out of which $127, 000 with a remaining balance of $73,000 to be paid out of which his commission will be paid.

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The Complainant without patience and wanting to get his commission at all cost resorted to the use of the police and maliciously caused to be written a report which is palpably false on Social Media impugning my integrity and also describing me as a fraudster. I have not been taking into custody or detained as the false story put it out.

I again reiterate that the allegations made in the said publication were based on lies and conjecture, crafted to sling mud at them, a situation I find defamatory and insulting since there.

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