Photo: From Left The Main Plotter Of The Unlawful Arrest, Henry Ayi Addo & GDLA Boss King Ayi Tunma

Author: Agyekum Banahene

The Founder and President of the Ga Dangbe Lands Administration (GDLA), King David Mensah, popularly called King Ayi Tunnmaa II, has called on the general public, particularly the people of the Ga State and the Business Community to ignore the spurious media reports going viral that he has been arrested by the Greater Accra Regional Police Command for unlawfully selling lands at Tse Addo, near the Ghana International Trade fair in the DadeKotopon Municipality.

“I am using this medium to state clearly that it is not true that l was arrested by the police for unlawful sale of a landed property belonging to the Chief Executive Officer for Bonades Construction Company Limited, Dr. Desmond Nii Odartey Aryee-Boi, which has its office complex at Tse-Ado”.

He accuses one, Henry Addo, who styles himself as “Henry Nii Ayikushi Addo”, a destooled and disgruntled Dzasetse of the Abola Traditional Council of the Ga State of being the mastermind behind the various negative reportage aimed at soiling his hard-won reputation in the eyes of right-thinking men of the society, including investors who transact business with the GDLA.

“It is not true that i ,Nii Tunnmaa II, have unlawfully sold the supposed lands, as all lands in Tse Addo are Titled lands under the Trust of the GDLA.

All of my woes are from the Ex Dzasetse of the Abola Royal Stool, Henry Addo who has been concocting and sponsoring such spurious stories in the media against me to, ostensibly tarnish my hard-won reputation because of a misunderstanding between him and Nii Kofi Otuadan III, the Abola Mantse, whom he perceives me as being my Protégé.

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He, Henry Addo, was destooled as Abola Dzasetse because of his gross insubordination to the Elders of the stool,” he disclosed to the journalists in an interview.

Setting the records straight, the seasoned business tycoon and Defence Chief of the Ga state, pointed that he was invited by the police for explanation in detail concerning various allegations leveled against him by one Dr. Aryee-Boi in connection with a land transaction between him and a developer.

The same land the Complainant Dr. Aryee-Boi who without a land title is staking claim to. Mincing no words, King Ayi Tunnmaa II, accused the Ex- Dzasetse of the Abola Royal Stool, Henry Addo for cooking the story to create an impression that he has been arrested by the police, saying that the recent malicious publication in the media by Henry Addo and his assigns is completely false and should be treated with the contempt that it deserves.

He further called on the general public to completely disregard the false allegations of his arrest, saying that it is merely a creation of a group of confused minds.

“I must say that the truth is always said ones. So, l am telling the whole world that Henry Addo who styles himself as the Abola Dasetse has betrayed me to the extent that it has affected my business interests and reputation.

It was through Henry Addo that l got to know the said Dr. Desmond Nii Odartey Aryee-Boi who one time offered his premises for the use of the GDLA as a Corporate Office, but Henry Addo has betrayed me by peddling falsehood against me in the connection with the land transaction between me and the developer because of his parochial interest . It was through the evil deeds or questionable character of Henry Addo which led to us parting ways (Dr.Aryee-Boi) which finally led to the relocation of the GDLA Offices to Osu, South Labadi,” King Ayi Tunnma II stated.

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He further disclosed that It was through his financial help that Henry Addo has been able to Establish and sustain his under selling “Adansie Newspaper” which he is currently using to orchestrate his evil agenda against him and the GDLA.

“I must say that all the previous stories that used to highlight the activities of the GDLA for the past one year, was done by Henry Addo and was duely paid for his works but has now made a U-turn by churning negative stories against the Institution that once gave him livelihood to cater for his family and his whims and caprices.

I have credible information that Henry Addo is also the mastermind the negative reportage that story that I have unlawfully sold a land belonging to Dr. Aryee-Boi”. He added.

“l am telling the general public that the said land in question for which the report referred doesn’t belong to the said Dr. Aryee-Boi but rather a land which is under the Trust of the GDLA which has been given the legal mandate by the Grantors of the Tse Addo Lands.

I have never stolen anybody’s land as being claimed by the media report sanctioned by this wicked Henry Addo and his followers. My interests in the sale of the said land on behalf of the grantors. I have legitimate rights to take any money that accrues from the sale of any land at Tse Addo on behalf of the allodial owners of the Tse Addo Lands”.

He lamented about the ungrateful attitude of his one time “allied’ and now turned “foe” Henry Addo, who through his personal effort (Nii Tunnmaa II) got him Salon car for his personal use and also sponsored he and his family (Henry Addo) upkeep “As l am talking to you now Henry Addo’s children are on my payroll for which l am paying their school fees. I dare Henry Addo to boldly come out to debunk it as fearless and truthful as he claims to be.

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I also challenge him to deny if he is not the mastermind behind the unwarranted media attacks on my person and the GDLA.

King Ayi Tunnmaa II dared the self-styled Abola dzase Tse, Henry Addo.

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