E-waste is basically electronic and electrical waste or unused gadgets which are at the end of life cycle.
E-waste is a growing concern posting a lot of havoc on the environment.

According to united nations report 2019, 50 million tons of e-waste is generated annually across the globe. The figure has been projected to double by 2050.

It have been proven according to the same report that only twenty percent (20%) of the global e-waste are recycled annually.

According to the same report Ghana also generates 52,000 tons e-waste annually which poses serious environmental sustainability threats to human survival.

Environmental protection Agencies of Ghana (EPA) has come out with many policies to prevent this growing concern.

E-waste can be properly looked at in these thematic areas:

1. Environmental Sustainability

2. Economic environment and

3. Health

Through out the world e-waste management must be looked with these perspectives to enable us have proper appreciation of the issues.

E-waste is a climate change solution if handled professionally and technically.

Improper disposal of e-waste posts health problems like respiratory and lungs problems endanger human survival.

Indiscriminate disposal of these electronic and electrical gadgets pollutes the soil because of the inbuilt batteries.

Also, is a economic issue in the sense that, it’s can generate a lots of employment for  the youths if handled technically and professionally.

Is a health issue in the sense that collectors of these waste are not able to handle these waste in a environmental sustainable manner and go about burning the items for some minerals such as copper, lithium gold and other precious minerals.

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AbibiNsroma Foundation Our interventions  to manage the situation are:

1. Data distraction and collection
2. Segregation
3. Recycling ♻️
4. Advocacy and training

We have partner a number of organizations such as Strategic Network for Development(SYND), Ghana environmental protection Agencies (EPA) Ghana TVET in promoting and Advocating for proper disposal and management of e-waste in Ghana.

We have also organized an advocacy training in We also partner Appcyclers Ghana on number of projects.

AbibiNsroma Foundation

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