This International Workers’ Day, the conversation is turning towards the future of energy and the rights of workers globally.

As the world moves towards renewable energy sources, the need for a Just Energy Transition that protects the livelihoods and rights of workers is more important than ever.

A Just Energy Transition ensures that as economies shift away from fossil fuels, workers in traditional energy sectors are not left behind.

This transition must be fair, inclusive, and supportive, providing re-skilling opportunities, fair employment terms, and social protection.

Workers are the backbone of our economy, and as we embrace cleaner energy sources, we must also ensure that the transition is equitable. We cannot have a sustainable future without securing the future of our workforce.

The advocacy for a Just Energy Transition is about creating a sustainable energy economy that benefits everyone, with a particular focus on those who might be most affected by the changes.

It is about ensuring that the new green jobs are decent jobs that uphold workers’ rights.

On this May Day, let us stand together to push for policies that support workers and their families, invest in the skills needed for the future, and contribute to the fight against climate change.

It is time for governments, businesses, and communities to work together to ensure a transition that is just for all.

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