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It is so refreshing to see another season of ban on drumming and noisemaking in Accra as part of customs and traditions paving way for the celebration of the annual Homowo Festival by the Ga people.

Once again, for a whole one month period, Ghanaians will be served some dead silence away from the usual noise-induced city of Accra.

According to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), fully supported by the Ga Traditional Council, during the period of the ban, churches are expected to carry out their activities within their premises and refrain from the use of musical instruments.

Also, the positioning of loudspeakers outside the premises of churches, mosques and pubs have all been banned.

Roadside evangelists also have their fair share to cease their activities during this period.

Other guidelines by the Ga Traditional Council (GTC) include a ban on funeral rites and their related activities.

My worry at this stage is why the local authorities did not emphasize that the ban on noisemaking, should include in the bracket, motorcyclists and bikers who are highly guilty of noise pollution in Accra.

Our daily lives in Accra are largely threatened by the deliberate nuisance of noise generated and perpetrated by these motor riders.

While motorbikes are undoubtedly convenient for transportation in our bustling city, the incessant noise they produce is disruptive and harmful to our well-being.

The loud revving of engines and the piercing sound of horns do not only disturb the peace but also pose serious health risks.

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Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to such noise levels can lead to hearing loss, increased stress levels, and even cardiovascular problems.

Furthermore, the noise pollution from motorbikes affects our environment, disrupting wildlife and contributing to air and noise pollution levels.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to address this issue. We must urge motor riders to adhere to noise regulations and be mindful of their impact on the community.

Additionally, authorities should enforce noise ordinances and implement measures to reduce motorbike noise.

It is high time, we all as concerned citizens, served as advocates to ensure a strict ban on noise pollution, particularly targeting motorcyclists who create undue nuisance in our communities.

Motorbike nuisance is a pressing issue that affects the sanctity of our residential areas due to their excessive noise pollution.

The relentless barrage of motorbike noise diminishes the quality of life for all inhabitants of the area, making it challenging to concentrate, relax, or enjoy outdoor activities.

Children, the elderly, and those with sensitive health conditions are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of this environmental nuisance.

It’s imperative that we address this issue collectively. By implementing stricter regulations on noise emissions from motorbikes and enforcing existing laws more rigorously, we can mitigate the impact of motorbike noise pollution in our communities.

Moreso, raising awareness among motorbike riders about the consequences of excessive noise and promoting the use of quieter vehicles or noise-reducing modifications can contribute to a quieter and more harmonious living environment for everyone.

Let us not allow the roar of engines to drown out the voices of our communities.

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Together, let us strive for quieter, more peaceful neighborhoods where the sounds of nature and human interaction prevail over the din of motorbike noise pollution.

Noise pollution is not merely an annoyance; it is a serious public health issue with far-reaching consequences for our well-being and quality of life.

Excessive noise disrupts our peace and tranquility. It infringes upon our fundamental right to enjoy our surroundings in peace, whether it’s at home, work, or in public spaces.

Constant exposure to loud noises can lead to heightened stress levels, sleep disturbances, and even cardiovascular problems.

It’s time we prioritize the health and well-being of our citizens over the reckless behavior of a few.

We have a responsibility to preserve the ecological balance of our planet, and allowing motorcyclists to recklessly rev their engines and disturb the peace is a direct contradiction to that goal.

Moreover, noise pollution has economic repercussions. Studies have shown that excessive noise reduces property values and deters potential investors and businesses from setting up shop in affected areas.

It’s not just a matter of inconvenience; it’s a matter of economic sustainability and growth.

It’s time to take a stand for our health, our environment, and our communities.

Let us work together to create a quieter, more peaceful Accra for ourselves and future generations.

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