The attitude of African politicians and institutional leaders makes me believe the Bible is not real. The way the African countries who tag themselves as Christian nations, allow for their political leaders to take an oath with the Bible to show their commitment.

After they swear with the”holy book”, they react in their various portfolios the exact opposite of the teachings of the book and nothing happens.

This indeed makes me and other scholars nurse the opinion that the “holy book (the Bible)” is just a story book and nothing else that aid criminals to execute their plans and wickedness without blame from the many ignorant who are cajoled to believing in these leaders. They swear with it and commit crimes. Why? See few examples in my country:

*President Kufuor took the oath with the Bible to protect public purse but I tell you what, after his tenure, his son owns a one in town hotel in the heart of the capital of Ghana. Did he own it before his father turned Prez?

* The late Atta Mills took the same oath yet we found people went away with money meant for the country and it was a hell getting back that money till his demise. Why?

* Former Prez Mahama took the same oath and I tell you what! People spent money meant for government projects and nothing happened while the ordinary people suffer.

* The next Prez, Akufo Addo, took the same oath and crime is considered lawful in my country these days. People who fight crime are fought back at. The current Prez even claimed he will use the Anas’ principle only to take the oath using the Bible and after the oath, attacked the Anas’ principle.

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Many countries in Africa suffer this fate yet they use the Bible as the solid grounds. It’s really appalling to experience these in my country and in my continent. 

The real difficulty is the fact that, leaders of the Christian religion dine with these Dishonorable men and women and in many occasions allow these Dishonorable people mount the pulpit which is supposedly supposed to be a holy place. My goodness, what is happening in my country and continent?

China, Korea, Russia, United Arab Emirates etc have minimal practice of the Christian faith yet they have minimal crime rate. So why this?

Does Christianity support crime? If no, why these criminals, some of which we know in the open use the Bible to swear to do right and always do the opposite and nothing happens?

I am because we are. Let love lead but let’s all know that, just as justice breeds peace, honesty breeds love.

God Ghana.

God bless Africa.


Credit: Ernest Apuakasi

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