New COVID-19 Testing Facility

More investments are being channeled into the building of the COVID-19 testing facility to enhance convenience in getting tested and support the nation to acquire data to fight the pandemic.

The latest facility which has been built to support the fight against the pandemic is GeneLab, a state-of-the-art COVID-19 PCR testing facility in East Legon here, in Accra.

The facility has been certified by the Health Facility Regulatory Agency (HeFRA), Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the Ministry of Health to provide services under strict adherence to guidelines has been added to the accredited facility to offer testing.

The facility managers say their main aim is to put in more effort to support government initiatives geared at breaking the chain of spread.

Currently, the rate of new infections being recorded by the Ghana Health Service are around 500 cases per day. This is being recorded from routine surveillance i.e., amongst people who are mostly symptomatic.

Unfortunately, asymptomatic individuals can spread the infection as well, posing a risk to others. Despite the stringent measures for prevention of infection (wearing of mask, social distancing, hand washing techniques), it has been observed that these measures are not strictly followed hence there is still a risk of spread once someone has the infection.

One clear way of preventing the spread of the disease is by identifying a person with the infection and isolating them. This limits the risk of infection to other people and ensures that people with the infection are detected early and treated. Evidence shows that those with mild/moderate disease have a higher rate of recovery, but the outcomes worsen with late detection and treatment of the disease.

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The facility which was opened in February, 2021 had a dedication and blessing of the facility on Monday 8th March, jointly done by Rev Father Andrew Campbell and Rev Steve Mensah.

About GeneLab

GeneLab is a wholly Ghanaian-owned molecular biology lab that has been set up to offer modern genetic and biomedical tests in Accra. The company has a state-of-the-art molecular lab leveraging a sophisticated infrastructure to perform real-time quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) for DNA and RNA testing.

GeneLab has state-of-the-art molecular laboratory equipment including a “96 well” real time quantitative PCR machine for DNA and RNA testing. All equipment and processes meet all FDA standards. The facility offers on-site and off-premises testing. It has hired high calibre laboratory staff with allied health council credentials and other members of staff to support its operations.

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