Sophia Kudjordji

“Human beings are made up of the totality of everything, the good and the bad all together”. This was the opening statement of the Head of Communication for the Jospong Group of Companies, Sophia Kudjordji, which left an imprint in the minds of Y107.9FM’s listeners.

The proud recipient of the Global “Woman of Worth” achiever from World Women Leadership Congress and Awards laid bare aspects of her personal life on the Y LeaderBoard Series with Rev. Erskine.

The YLeaderBoard Series is a weekly segment on YFM’s ‘Myd Morning’ radio show with an objective to develop and inspire the youth to achieve greatness. Leaders are hosted weekly to share their life story, journey to greatness, and lessons for personal/national growth and development.

Being a ‘barracks girl’, Sophia had the chance to experience many places in Ghana as she was born to two police officers. Because of frequent transfers which came with her parent’s work, Sophia and her eight other siblings switched schools very often but did not lose friends as her family was a close-knitted one. The kind of family “where we were excited to see each other every morning”.

With the combined public servant’s salary, her parents prioritized their (kids) education and also made time to visit the zoo with them to keep the family bonds strong, the home fun, and instill in them the spirit of hard work and discipline.

Just like any other strategic young person, Sophia had her life planned out prior to completing her degree programme at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) and proceeded to serve out her National Service with Ghanaian Times. She was forced to offer a second National Service with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) because of the freeze on public service employment after her service with Ghanaian Times.

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Comparing her time as a journalist back then to the present age, she stated, “the advantage the young ones have now is the proliferation of the internet and technology for research. This means stories should not be full of “she says and he says”, but news stories should be corroborated and made rich but I am not seeing that now”. She also advised the new crop of journalists to highly regard people in authority and be mindful of the kind of utterances made against them.

The pacesetter in her own right advised the youth not to make money their motivation as she believes all things fall in place smoothly according to God’s plan. She however advised the youth to chase the first paper (educational certificates) and the second paper (money) will chase after them.

On her authority, one of the various ways young people can excel in their work is for them to love and value themselves and others. “Learn to respect yourselves and especially others. In this world know that people matter. It is only humility that can get one to respect their fellows. Know yourself enough to be yourself”, she added.

Commenting after the interview, Programmes Manager for Y107.9FM, Eddy Blay Jr noted, “Having persons with such in-depth knowledge in God, career and personal development on the show is always of great benefit to the young ones out there. Personally, I am taking away knowledge I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. Just as I was impacted today, I believe all our listeners also took home doses of knowledge”.

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