8 July 2021 – A Black American is organizing the 2nd Annual Ghana HempTech Conference in Accra this 9th to 11th of July 2021. The Ghana HempTech Conference will focus on education and innovation of the industrialization of Hemp and what that means for Ghanaian farmers, processors, manufacturers, and foreign investors.

The Cooperative Executive Management Team, LLC (CEMT, LLC) is a US-based company that works with black farmers exclusively on farm management and development, farmer training/education on industrialized Hemp and international agricultural commodities trading in United States, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

The founder of CEMT, LLC USA Ms. Davisha L Johnson recently moved to Ghana in May 2021 to pursue the cannabis industry after traveling here 7 times starting in March 2019. She stated, “I have been advocating, hosting events and drafting policy for cannabis and hemp since 2014. In Ghana I have consulted with various Members of Parliament, heads of governmental agencies, civil society organizations and farmers and know that education and policy should be the top priority for Ghana to know the truth about the cannabis plant, the Hemp industry and how government, farmers and investors can work better together.”

This 3 day conference will feature an Investor day (Friday), Hemp day (Saturday) and Tech day (Sunday) with experts from countries like the United States, South Africa, Lesotho, United Kingdom and Ghana via online and in person at the Mikaddo Conference Center on Ring Road in Labone, Accra behind Alley Bar. Some topics include: “Cloning and Genetics?”, “Aquaponics vs Hydroponics” “Hemp and the Stock Market” and “How to Get Investment Ready” to name a few.

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The conference will also feature the magazine unveiling for the African Women in Agriculture Alliance (AWIAA) a US non-profit with headquarters in Ghana. AWIAA has contacts in more than 200 cities worldwide and 36 countries and was also founded by Ms. Johnson in January 2021 right here in Ghana.

“The intent of this conference is to bring Ghanaians, farmers, experts, government and those interested in the cannabis and hemp industry together to collaborate with the Diaspora who are experts in this industry and have the capitol to invest. We can include our brothers and sisters from across the Diaspora in this trillion dollar global industry forming in Ghana if we work together”, CEMT founder stated.

The website to register for tickets and more information on the 2nd Annual Ghana HempTech Conference is https://coopexecutives.com/ghana-hemptech-conference. For media inquiries please contact Emmanuel at +233 508 110 755.

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