By David Kankam Boadu

Communal concern about adverse happenings in the environment of the community has characterized the African society from time immemorial but it seems this value is dissipating at the speed of light in modern times here in Ghana. No one cares any longer when things are going awry.

The few who show some degree of care or concern many a times, just sit on the fence without submissions of any proper alternatives or solutions. They just talk and complain!

Kwame Nkrumah Circle in the real sense of the word is the main area of convergence in Accra if I’m right to say so. All manner of economic activities are centered around that enclave so having an interchange built made sense, just so that the area will be able to handle the huge number of vehicular and pedestrian movements. This interchange which has added some beauty to the area is becoming a ‘death trap’ in the making if authorities are not hinted at the impending danger that seems to be building up steadily.

I happen to pass beneath the interchange on the morning of 4th February 2021 after escorting a relative to the VIP Station and I made a very interesting discovery. Initially, I was dumbfounded that something of that nature could happen in the center of the city.

The base of some of the pillars holding the interchange has been converted into a urinal. You won’t believe the amount of urine soaking these pillars daily. One doesn’t need rocket science to know that over time these pillars will be weakened and the repercussions will be catastrophic.

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That decision to plant grass at a busy pedestrian area leaves much to be desired especially knowing there’s no proper urinal around the area that may prevent something like what I saw from happening. I’m hereby calling on the minister for the environment and the Accra Mayor as a matter of urgency to put pavement tiles around all those areas that were left bare to contain grass. Accra holds the office for the “African Continental Free Trade Area” so it is disgraceful to see our environment in such a state.

My name is David Kankam Boadu, I am a citizen and not a spectator. Evil triumphs when the few good men decide not to do anything.

God bless our homeland Ghana!

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