Dr. George Ofori-Amanfo a.k.a. ROXYBELLO

Roxy My Hero, My Mentor: We Part Ways Sadly But Accept My Gratitude

Prof. George Ofori Amanfo (Roxybello) was a very special house mate and form mate in St. Patrick’s House, at St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast, where we nurtured an enduring friendship at a very personal level, one-on-one.

I have preserved my reminiscences of his invaluable nudging influence to this day

Even as a teenage college student, Roxy was so wise, so matured, so balanced. It is no surprise that as an adult, a professional, and a thinker these qualities were manifestly clear and obvious in word and deed.

On reflection, he chose me as friend and brother most graciously to help me find my balance between the fun-filled life of boarding school and the serious business of learning with a purpose. And I did learn a lot from Roxy, in and out of Augusco.

First, that persitence unlocks ability and success. George was so persistent at bugging me to learn. I am quite certain that had our friends much earlier in St. Patrick’s House, my hustle would have been far less.

Perhaps he diagnosed that I had some smartness in me and that my deficiencies in Maths and Sciences, were self-inflicted by either laziness or immaturity, which of course he knew how to cure – The doctor in him. And he did so with such finesse and joy.

No harsh words, no criticism. Just the simple act of pulling my mattress to the floor to wake me up so that we could “mine” (study after lights out) together.

With same reaction every time, I would chase him down the corridor to exact revenge, after which fully awakened, I would join him to learn.

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That is how, I, an Arts student became his reluctant “mining” partner. Learning with George was a very special, studious but with light-hearted breaks to stay awake

We soon graduated our friendship into keeping a common chop box, which he kept safely under his bed. One morning the entire box full of edible goodies was gone, someone wanted to remind us that in St. Patrick’s communal living was the creed.

We shared memories and made fun of this loss during my visits to Kumasi, whenever I spent time at his flat when he worked at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. No amount of post-mortem detective work could unravel the mysterious disappearance of the large fully loaded chop box.

Roxy was a true friend who I loved so dearly for the quality and depth of his brotherhood. Distance and time never stood between us. We always reconnected no matter how long the time.

I still fondly remember and admire George’s relentless commitment to the pursuit of his dreams. And no doubt success crowned his relentlessness, to the highest standards of performance.

Condolences to the bereaved wife, children, and family. Please be consoled although we mourn this painful, he has earned and is being celebrated for his worthy life. We do show in full acknowledgment of the privilege and honour that God blessed us all with the companionship of a resolute gentleman, gifted with compassion, intelligence, humility, conviction, and patience. In loving memory, his compassionate footprints will live forever here on earth and remain a source of joy to many.

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Prof. George Ofori Amanfo, hero, mentor, bosom friend of many. May Angels and Chariots welcome your gentle soul like Royalty into higher service in the Kingdom of God to Rest You in Perfect Peace.

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