Former Black Stars Player, John Mensah

A divorce case settled 8 years ago by an Accra High Court between former Black Stars Player, John Mensah and his first wife Henrietta, has resurfaced again and this time, with further allegations of breach of neglect of his 4 children he had with his ex-wife.

In her latest media interview, Henrietta has unleashed some pack of issues accusing John Mensah left and right and centre.

It has also emerged that apart from the irresponsible fatherhood on the part of John Mensah, he has traded off as well as rented out some properties directed by the court to be given to the ex-wife.

John Mensah has refused to heed the court order which asked him to release some of his properties for sale and sharing with his first wife Henrietta.

According to Henrietta, since John Mensah still has documents of the said properties meant to be given to her in his name, he is doing serious business in Ghana with those properties.

“I suffered a lot in the hands of John Mensah going through all kinds of domestic abuse. He is the quick-tempered type and sometimes without any provocation John Mensah slaps and beats me anyhow. I remember suffering some bruises in the eye on one occasion way back in Italy when he played over there.

Till date, I still feel pains in the eye. I suffered a similar abuse in France, London, even in Ghana, he punched me at some point and the case ended up at the East Legon Police Station, where the police asked that the matter be settled as a family issue,” Henrietta recounted bitterly.

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On top of that, he has refused any form of child support for the 4 children.

It would be recalled that John Mensah and Henrietta had their petition for divorce granted by an Accra High Court in January 2014. 

The court presided over by Justice Doris Bempong, gave its approval for the divorce after months of a legal battle.

John and Henrietta had been married for 13 years during which period they had 4 children together.

Henrietta is reported to have found out about John Mensah’s extra-marital affairs and not just that but also discovered that John Mensah had a number of children, about 6 extra children out of wedlock.

John Mensah had 6 children which his first wife Henrietta didn’t even know about.

Listen to excerpts of the interview here:

John Mensah’s Ex-Wife, Henrietta narrates the issues in the local Akan Asante Twi Language
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