Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate rest, and regular health checkups have all been proven to contribute to the good health of human beings.

While an annual health check comes highly recommended to monitor your health, it is also prudent to visit a dentist at least twice a year to maintain optimal oral health.

Unfortunately, access to healthcare, comprising affordability, accessibility, availability, and acceptability of services – especially with dental care – remains a luxury to many.

The World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) report that globally, 50% of the human population is unable to access basic health services. Even more startling is the fact that the latest WHO Global Oral Health Status Report (2022) estimated that 3 out of 4 people affected by this phenomenon live in middle-income countries, many of them in Africa.

For many people, healthcare, especially dental checkups are an expense that they can’t afford.

Every day, millions of Ghanaians choose between putting food on the table or visiting a dentist, depending on the severity of their situation. It’s no surprise that many households will prefer to wait until pain has become unbearable or their dental situation has worsened before seeking a professional help.

On World Oral Health Day this year, Pepsodent, Ghana’s leading oral care brand launched a new tele-dentistry service to address the lack of access to dental care in the country. This new service is part of Pepsodent’s commitment to improve oral health and promote regular dental visits among Ghanaians.

The service is available to all Ghanaians and is especially targeted at those who have never been to a dentist before.

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The goal is to encourage more people to prioritize their oral health and seek professional dental care, even in the absence of physical clinics in their area.

This tele-dentistry service is easy to use, convenient and free and can be accessed either by scanning a unique QR code or dialing a toll-free number.

Patients will receive free dental consultations from licensed dentists via phone or video call. This means that now, everyone can talk to a dentist and receive professional dental advice or even a diagnosis without having to visit a clinic physically.

To augment the tele-dentistry service, Pepsodent is also offering free dental check-ups to millions of Ghanaians through dental screenings across the country.

The brand will also be televising free dental consultation in partnership with the Ghana Dental Association through its popular TV programme, “Time with The Dentist” that airs on several local TV stations and on YouTube.

There are many benefits of tele-dentistry including access to dental care for those living in rural areas, persons with mobility issues and many others.

Furthermore, tele-dentistry allows patients to receive dental care without leaving their homes, saving them time and money, whilst improving the efficiency of dental practices.

Don’t wait any longer for that dental checkup you’ve been longing for. Access the service by scanning the QR code with the camera on your mobile phone device and tap the chat now button to talk to a dentist or visit for more details, because now, everyone can talk to a dentist.

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