Alhaji Said Sinare

The Rawlings lookalike and the firebrand national vice chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress, H. E. Alhaji Said Sinare, have completely condemned and ridiculed the presser given by the embattled finance minister, calling it a “hopeless presser.”

According to him, all the economic indices and indicators have shown that the finance minister and his NPP party have plunged the entire nation into economic disarray and a deep disaster that needs to be fixed by competent John Dramani Mahama and the Next NDC government.

He further reiterated that instead of the failed minister honorably resigning, he has decided to choose a path of deceit and rebranding, forgetting that no amount of repackaging, chiseling, or hammering can repair the long-term damage he has done to the Ghanaian economy precisely borne out of his greed, fiscal recklessness, and the love for borrowing for consumption for the past 5–6 years.

His comment follows the earlier assertion by the finance minister that the country is on the right economic footing and needs no economic intervention from the IMF, which later turned out to be otherwise.

Again, the same finance minister and the president made Ghanaians believe there would be no debt restructuring in order to possibly meet the primary requirement for the IMF bail-out, which in less than a month finds its way into the 2023 budget but repackaged as a “debt exchange program” and a possible haircut.

The national vice chairman is of the view that a country’s economic finances are run on honesty and integrity, for which reason the finance minister is unfit to remain at his post. Therefore, reinforcing his earlier stance, he calls for the finance minister to either resign or be sacked to save the nation.

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He concluded by saying the economic policies of the clueless minister are nothing but deceit and empty, seeking to burden ordinary Ghanaians even more despite the already existing hardship in the economy.

He admonished Ghanaians to keep the faith as they maneuver around the economic difficulties with the hope for the NDC to possibly return to power on January 7, 2025, to alleviate them from the unprecedented hardships imposed on them by the clueless and non-performing Nana-Bawumia government.

The ongoing negotiation between the government of Ghana and the IMF calls for a debt restructuring to reduce the country’s debt to sustainable levels, thus, from over 100% to 55% of GDP, in order for the country to access the bailout program as has been announced in the government’s 2023 economic policy by the finance minister.

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