Executive Director for CLDG, Apatsea Isaac Kwasi

The Executive Director for Center for Leadership and Democratic Governance (CLDG) Apatsea Isaac Kwasi, has appealed to the government of Ghana to as a remedy for the closure of the fishing season 2021 provide special relief to fishermen as means of survival.

According to the ministry of fisheries website, about five thousand (5000) people, directly and indirectly, survive in the fishing industry. And a ban will deny them their means of their livelihood in the closure time. The fishing ban will last,1st July to 31st August 2021.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi of CLDG is again suggesting that with the huge burden Covid 19 has visited on the fishermen and others in the fishing industry, the only option to keep them going is to provide special incentives for them. They have family to feed and other tasks to perform in their communities.

In the government’s plan to close the fishing season, a replica of what was done to traders spearheaded by the NBSSI same should be done for the fishermen to keep their survival.

Such plan will also provide easy way for government to conduct the closure season without agitation from the fishermen, since government has enough power to implement it’s decision on the best interest of the citizenry.

CLDG is of the opinion that since this is not the first time of applying the closure of fishing season in Ghana, a special plan should be put in place to ensure that the Fisherfolks welfare is worked out.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi, is further appealing to the fishermen to understand the government if the door is opened by the government to implement such relief to ensure the closure of the fishing season since the government knows its positive impact on fishing activities in Ghana.

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