JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, January 26, 2022/ — Since launching the Energy Pioneers Program (‘EPP’) in September 2021, we have received numerous sign-ups from enthusiastic young individuals who have patiently awaited notification to hit send on their applications.

As we warm up to the year, the EPP will be officially accepting applications from 1 February 2022. All students and graduates are welcome to apply.

To apply, applicants must submit:
a motivational letter;
curriculum vitae;
latest academic transcripts;
a reference letter or information about references; and
a copy of identification.
All documentation must be submitted in PDF format. As this is the first round of applications, here are a few tips to assist with the application process:

The main purpose of a motivational letter is for the applicant to describe their inspiration to participate in the internship program. Add a personal touch to this letter by elaborating on the skills, qualifications, achievements, attributes, and ideas that influence your desire to participate in the internship program.

A good writer is able to get the point across without waffling- keep the motivational letter to approximately one page in standard font, font size and line spacing.

A good curriculum vitae showcases the applicant’s credentials, accolades and work experience. Ensure that your resumé is easy to read and simply structured to enable the recruiter to navigate through the contents of your profile. A tailored curriculum vitae is preferred as it indicates interest in the position applied for as opposed to a standardized curriculum vitae. Once again, do not be too wordy and keep it to no more than two pages long.

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A reference letter can be academic, professional or personal. An academic reference letter refers to the applicant’s academic performance and aims to highlight these credentials. Similarly, a professional reference letter refers to past work experience and aims to emphasize the applicant’s strengths and abilities in the workplace. In contrast, a personal reference letter refers to the applicant’s character and aims to showcase the applicant’s personal attributes.

At a glance, these pointers are only a few of the helpful tips that shortlisted candidates can expect to receive in the Internship Preparation Manual as part of the African Energy Chamber’s mentorship towards interns. In addition, interns can expect to gain professional experience, leadership development, intensive training and networking.

The Energy Pioneers Program seeks to find intelligent, determined, and curious young individuals. The submitted application is the first impression that the recruitment team receives. We encourage applicants to display outmost professionalism in these applications. We cannot wait to receive your applications and look forward to starting your energy pioneers journey.

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