As part of its second-quarter health initiative for 2024, OmniBSIC Bank, the fastest growing bank in Ghana, has organised and successfully executed a 10-kilometer health walk which took place on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

The event brought together enthusiastic staff, loyal customers and members of the public to champion healthy living and community spirit.

CEO of OmniBSIC Bank Ghana, Mr. Daniel Asiedu, underscored the Bank’s unwavering commitment to employee well-being and community health. 

“In today’s world, health issues are increasingly prevalent. As an institution deeply rooted in our community, we prioritize events that promote healthy living and inspire others to do the same.

We encourage all organizations to join us in fostering a healthier Ghana through similar initiatives,” he said.

The morning commenced with a vibrant warm-up and aerobics session at the Forecourt of the State House starting promptly at 5:30 am.

Led by seasoned fitness instructors, participants engaged in dynamic stretches and aerobic exercises designed to prepare them both physically and mentally for the walk ahead.

  • At 6:00 am, amid an atmosphere of anticipation and camaraderie, the health walk officially began.

Participants embarked on a carefully planned 10-kilometer route that traversed central Accra’s bustling streets, offering scenic views of the city’s iconic landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods.

The route not only promoted physical activity but also provided a unique opportunity for participants to appreciate the cultural and architectural richness of their city.

The event attracted a diverse group of participants, including enthusiastic bank employees, their families, supportive friends, and members of the general public.

This impressive turnout, Mr. Asiedu said, exemplified OmniBSIC Bank’s dedication to community engagement and social responsibility, fostering an atmosphere of unity and shared purpose among all attendees.

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Throughout the walk, participants took advantage of the occasion to network, share experiences, and forge new connections.

To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, OmniBSIC Bank Ghana meticulously coordinated the event, with hydration stations strategically positioned along the route.

These stations provided participants with necessary refreshments, ensuring they remained hydrated and energized throughout the entirety of the walk.

“This event showcased the power of community and underscored the importance of physical activity in achieving a balanced and healthy life,” Mr. Asiedu added, reflecting on the walk’s resounding success.

He further stated that OmniBSIC Bank remains committed to leading by example in promoting health-conscious initiatives and strengthening community bonds through events like the 10-kilometer health walk.

The Bank looks forward to continuing its efforts to inspire and empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being for a better tomorrow.

The health walk ended at the Forecourt of the State House where over 50 customers of the Bank  ranging from FMCGs, travel and tour companies, health and wellness, automobile companies, and several others exhibited their products and services.

About OmniBSIC Bank

OmniBSIC Bank is a fully-fledged universal bank that traces its roots to a merger between the erstwhile OmniBank and Sahel Sahara Bank.

The merger was spurned by the banking sector consolidation program introduced by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) in 2017, through several directives including the increment of the minimum capital requirement almost fourfold.

The union between the banks is one of the most successful mergers in the financial services industry.

With headquarters at Atlantic Tower, Airport City, and an extensive Branch network of 40 across Ghana, OmniBSIC Bank provides a complete range of products, services, and digital offerings tailored to the needs of its Corporate, SME, and individual customers while supporting the communities in which the Bank operates.

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