In support of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources through its Forestry Commission, Green Ghana Day initiative to plant 5million trees as a part of the Green Ghana Project, the Danquah Institute on the 11th of June 2021 had a tree planting exercise.

The Institute earlier publicized the activity by advertising on all its social media platforms.

A variety of tree seedlings were secured from the Forestry Commission and they included coconut, lemon, eucalyptus and orange.

The Acting Executive Director of the Institute, Dr. Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko led the DI team to plant 3 ceremonial trees to mark the day. The trees were named after the Iconic fathers of the Institute, Danquah, Busia and Dombo.

In an interview with media present, Dr. Tsiboe-Darko reiterated the importance of this national exercise as necessary, exciting and very inclusive.

She noted that in the past similar exercises had been more exclusive and as such, this open invitation to all and the publicity with this year’s event is amazing and must be commended.

 “I observed that in Accra a lot of individuals on their own been very involved in this exercise and the euphoria in planting trees has really caught on. I am exceptionally happy because this is how Johannesburg, the city with the most trees in Africa became what it is today”.

The Green Ghana Day Project itself is heightened by the need and desire to reverse the effects of years of degradation of mined lands and indiscriminate felling of trees and deforestation and this should be applauded by all.

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In an effort to ensure the activity is sustained, it is recognized that there will have to be an intentional dedication of more resources to the nurturing of seedlings of fruit trees especially from the government to sustain the demand.

Individuals should be encouraged to intentionally commit to planting the seeds of fruits they consume as a part of the effort to ensuring sustainability of tree planting.

The Danquah Institute congratulates the Honourable Minister and his office, the Acting CEO of Forestry Commission and all Staff at the regional and district levels who worked tirelessly to ensure the day is successful.

The exercise in future will be remembered as being a significant contribution to reducing the cancer of degradation and increasing the protection of the environment for the unborn generation.

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