NPP is our beloved party so if we give you a position be it Presidential or a messenger in government, you strengthen the party from the grassroots by giving them an opportunity first.

 NDC/PNDC/AFRC has Governed Ghana for over 26 years. They’ve benefited immensely from Ghana so the next time they come to power they, and I repeat, they must rather implement and practice the so-called “Neutrality” for all Ghanaians especially NPP members and we (NPP) should rather practice what I call “Equalisation” because this will enable NPP members to also catch up with the NDC/PNDC/AFRC’s over 26years benefits gained”.

 Very soon my verbal bombs will start sharing.

We are fed up with the people who are running NPP and behaving as if it’s their private business.

How can  NDC/PNDC/AFRC manage to govern Ghana for over 26 years and we cannot do the same? Rather, we are always giving them power on a silver platter by treating our grassroots as though they are the real opposition. Why? Because the so-called ” NPP leadership ” is always treating NDC members as though they believe in democracy which hinges on the principle of fairness.

The NDC party is fully made up of people who do not, will not and shall never believe in democracy. These are people supposedly known as Democratic and yet, they went to Ghana’s Democratic parliament to sing Revolutionary Coup D’état songs and NPP want to impose democracy on them by depriving our own grassroots of employment opportunities? Unbelievable!

We must pin NDC at the very least into opposition for at least 16years for them to appreciate democracy. NPP must stop this annoying ” Book long ” attitude and start creating and giving government opportunities to our grassroots because they remain our key to the door of victory.

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Still remains: David Kankam Boadu

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