We appreciate the immense contributions by Sailors/Seafarers in the global economy. From tourism to other forms of commerce on the oceans and land, the work of the Seafarer plays a crucial role in providing livelihoods to many families and economies due to the chain of scale in its business operations.

The shipping industry is growing and creating more jobs with diverse opportunities. Various government get a lot of revenue from the shipping industry.

It is also important to ensure the safety and security of seafarers considering the critical nature of their occupation. Security and safety protocols within territorial waters must endure to the well-being of seafarers. Their conditions of service must be of interest to government, vessel owners and shipping companies.

Marine pollution is a great concern to the World. As we advance on sustainable consumption and production in line with the sustainable development goals, every chain of operation must be of merit to the well-being of the ecosystem to sustainable green global economy.

Technological advancement affords vessel manufacturers to employ solar powered engines for ships to reduce its carbon emissions.

Vessels by themselves don’t dump toxic waste into the ocean ecosystem but people do. Oil spill in the ocean is a huge threat to aquatic life. Seafarers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their occupation doesn’t do any harm to the ocean.

The issue of pirates need a global effort to curtail it. The navy and the marine police need all the resources and stakeholder collaboration to beef up their preparedness to protect and sustain sound business environment at sea.

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The sale of Ghana’s ships decades ago rendered many sailors/Seafarers jobless. It affected our local economy. Families and our businesses were affected.

The Regional Maritime University is located in Tema close to Ghana’s seaport. The call for Ghana with other stakeholders to acquire a new shipping line is long overdue.

In the wisdom of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, saw the birth of the Tema Shipyard. The vision to build ships from scratch had it foundation laid in the harbour city of Tema. The closest city to the geographical centre of the World. The dry dock is currently active.

Investors must look to Ghana to tap this great opportunity to advance a shipbuilding company and its related chain of businesses.

Youth employment will boom. The local economy will see dynamism and hope in the restoration and sustainability of the industrial city.

Our unique geographical position makes Ghana (Tema) the favourable place in Africa to do business.

The sub african region would benefit enormously with a huge Black Star Line in operation. Interconnected chain of jobs would be created. Government would rake in more revenue as well for its socioeconomic development.

Efforts to achieve the hard end no poverty and zero hunger by the World would not be out of place to consider business opportunities in the African based shipping line.

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