Japhet Festus Gbede

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has outlined its timetable for the election of party executives from polling stations to the National level starting from 2022.

In a statement signed by Hon. Mawuli Ocloo Egos, sighted by this portal, the party will begin with the Polling Stations Elections which will take place on 25th February, across all the polling stations in the Akatsi South Constituency.

The party will further hold its Electoral Area Coordinators Election, in March, and the Constituency Executives Elections in March, this year but this according to an NDC communicator is just a way to enrich the Akyem Mafias and their cronies.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page today, 17th of February, 2022, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede, a member of the NDC’s Communications team in the Akatsi South Constituency, challenged members of the ruling New Patriotic Party to examine their achievements as members of the party before considering picking up forms to run for election, as the party is on its way to opposition.

Japhet praised the previous NDC government of John Dramani Mahama for providing Ghanaians with jobs, roads, better education systems, hospitals, and a stable economy.


Before you pick up the NPP’s Nominations forms again, evaluate your achievements over the last five years – Japhet Call on NPP members.

The Akyem mafias, the brains behind the PDS, agyapa Royalty, the $100,000 cash for seat scam, the BOST scandal, China Star Time, Kelni GVG scandal, and the arrangement to pay Google GH400,000 every year has set a date for electing people they can use to continue to enrich themselves and their immediate families and friends.

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The ruling party will elect Polling Station executives in the coming days, followed by the Electoral Area Coordinators in February, and the Constituency Executives election in March, according to a statement signed by Hon. Mawuli Ocloo Egos, the Akatsi South NPP constituency secretary.

I would want to advise Ghanaians, especially those in the Akatsi South Constituency, to boycott the NPP’s impending internal elections because of Nana Addo’s terrible governance.

The economy of Ghana has been quite active under President Mahama’s and the NDC’s leadership.

The growth rates have been reasonable, if not spectacular, and the exceptional achievements have been linked to primary sector booms.

Roads, Production, education, health, energy, social amenities, transportation, and housing infrastructure have all seen significant investments.

Furthermore, Ghana’s macroeconomic climate has been largely steady since 2000, with modest inflation, stable currency rates, declining interest rates, and stable public sector pay.

Despite increasing revenue collection, grants, and loans, the NPP government of Nana Addo Danqua Akuffo Addo has collapsed the economy beyond repair in less than five years, the fuel prices breaking the 8 can be used as a reference.

I want to use this opportunity to appeal to you, the card-bearing members,  branch executives, and the Electoral Area Coordinators not to be deceived by these people because as much as they don’t dream about Ghanaians, they don’t think of you either.

Allow your conscience to assess your accomplishments as a party member throughout President Nana Addo’s five-year presidency before allowing yourselves to be used again in 2024.

The former NDC administration invested heavily in the development of our area in the Akatsi South Constituency, and these projects were left in various stages of completion with the expectation of completion, but the current NPP administration has allowed all of these projects to deteriorate for the past five years.

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You worked for your government in your various polling stations to assist the party in gaining power, but you were never recognized in any form and you still want to be an executive?

I am writing to urge you to join the 6 million Ghanaians who voted against the NPP government’s tyranny, despotism, heartlessness, and wickedness in 2020 for us to collectively sack this country’s wreckers from the presidency in 2024.

You are free to fight with your keyboard if you are an NPP ‘foolsoldier’ who speaks without reasoning.

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