Prince A.A Sadat

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.”

Prince A.A. Sadat is a true definition of a leader who empowers others to accomplish their goals and he plays a pivotal role in my development and success and has contributed to my goals. I sincerely appreciate how he guides me through thick and thin and always make himself available whenever there is a need to be there.

Everyone deserves someone who will instill in them the courage and knowledge towards their journey, and I was lucky to meet the PRINCE when I was first introduced to him by Oscar Jonas Tei-Mensah (President of Ghana Union of Law Students (GULS) for the 2020/2021 academic year).

The journey has not been smooth but from the onset, his enthusiasm towards the roadmap of success has paved the way this far.

It was an early morning phone call to him about my intention to run for the presidency of my noble institution, Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, and his response was “As long as you have assessed yourself, I am willing to support even if everyone is against you”.

Even though I was criticized, chastised, and betrayed by many whom I thought would have my back, he stood by me and ensured my visions become a reality and goals achieved.

He taught me how to stand firm and be resolute in all adversity which has yielded results and now all doubters and believers are a living testimony.

To many, I couldn’t get to this height, but he said, “I will support you even if you fail, it is a learning process but make sure you do not stain your hands. Your loyalty has gotten you this far”.

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These words keep me fueled with a purpose as I tap on his experience and knowledge towards the success ladder.

He led the legal team through all the litigations and numerous challenges faced to bring back the love of the SRC.

As a beneficiary to his wise counsel, I appointed him as the Chief Justice of the SRC to ensure my administration is on the right path and not to make room for any future litigation.

He always believes in success through hard work and dedication, and anyone associated with him can say he indeed represents the ladder of success.

I have witnessed him win many awards and get recognition from one platform to the other. I told him I wish the same for myself and now I can attest to the manifestation of that.

Being reserved and discipline on one hand and with a great sense of humor the other aside is one of the traits of his personality.

It is very difficult these days for people to open doors for others to tap into their experience, but he has always been with open arms.

I appreciate your support and thank you for believing in me. I am grateful for all the opportunities you have introduced me to. Continue reaching out to the young youth out there.

God richly bless you!!!

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