Could this be? Our end?

The end time of the struggle of the six busy bees?

No!….tell me something because the descendants of our time our out of course from which our native creed speaks.

More than the time the goddess warrior sowed her seeds to fight back the greedy thieves.

But now?… Our own emperors lie and fight for the throne.

Which I only know is all our own.

Yet they battle for their undecided and underserved seats.

Pathetic…for all the sixteen kingdoms create and give credit to their pathways.

Tell me,isn’t this the curse from the death of our fearful and truthful soldier? I only believe.

From my diary, I remember gathering the witness that proved the ownership of precious stones along our coast.

But now…we lost in freedom world were our sand are depleted at the shores.

Mother! Mother! Mother?

I give you the details of our commercial activities.

Beg you to shake up our land and awaken our sleeping souls.

For even with these words I still know I am blinded with the lustful desire to sleep.

But… for the change in the season of your soil.

Hunt down and gain back your fertility.

It is a call to duty I say.

Find your loyal porters at the point of Kintampo to spread the change that comes.

Let them hurry for the palm you send needs to be served.

Because the pods did us no better.

Mother!  Mother!  Mother?

I try to mould these into sizeable shapes.

But I can’t collect and keep it cool for the hearth burn them into ashes.

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For unknown net web covers our mind and thinkings.

Leaving our ailments to specialists and ditch out our roots.

And our xylophone and horns no more carry messages.

Our act drains our board and narrow liquids leaving no drops.

Lost in our identity our skin now rough and brightened just like our brains.

Spare us not your rod.

Like our libations no longer protects us 

For our cottons are dyed in many colours leaving out our symbols.

I wouldn’t say fix the country neither should you change.

It is a call to duty again I say.

She is a young writer who loves to cave words making it into a master piece.

©Asiedu Adwoa Kyerewaa.

#LaLot _Live a life of truth.

#Mizz KD_ Knowledge Dice

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