Author: Emelia Naa Ayeley Aryee

TOVILA Water Solutions, a leading water treatment company in Ghana, has lent support to Xoese Ghana’s 2024 Fertility Conference.

The company, which was one of the partners of the 2024 Fertility Conference, provided customized bottled water produced under strict hygienic conditions to be served participants at the event.

The conference was themed: “Breaking Barriers to Infertility: A Comprehensive Education for Women and Couples”, was held on Sunday, June 2, 2024, in Accra, as part of activities to observe the Infertility Awareness Month.

It aimed at educating women on infertility and providing them with practical ideas and steps they can employ to boost their fertility in order to have their own children.

The Fertility Conference is one of Xoese Ghana’s flagship programmes under it’s ‘Ending Infertility Stigma’ against women in particular and couples in general campaign.

Speaking at the Fertility Conference, a manager of TOVILA, Mrs. Ewurama Lawal, noted that even though water is supposed to be a cheap commodity, it has become very expensive in Ghana, whereas it is unsafe for drinking.

She averred that drinking water directly from the tap poses health risk, as it contains numerous particles dangerous for human health. This is the reason many people use the pipe borne water only for household cleaning and not for drinking, she added.

Mrs. Lawal then explained how TOVILA treats water to get rid of the particles and other unsafe content so that consumers could take it without any adverse consequences.

“At TOVILA, we use reverse osmosis to treat and purify the pipe borne water in your house, giving you cool, safe, and healthy water to drink.”

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Telling why TOVILA partnered Xoese Ghana for the 2024 Fertility Conference, Mrs. Lawal said: “At TOVILA, we believe every woman has the right to be a woman whether she has a child or not. We believe in life.

….And most at times, it’s always the women who take care of the house. If you get good quality water to drink the home, it is because there is a woman, a mother or a wife or a sister in the house.”

“We entreat every Ghanaian to stop infertility stigmatization. It is really deadly and women go through a lot. Every woman has the right to be happy whether she has a child or not.”

Meanwhile, TOVILA Water Solutions has earned its name as the leading water solutions company in Ghana for its reliable water treatment systems backed with strong technical expertise for residential, commercial, industrial and community water projects.

It also offers door to door dispenser services, and customized drinking bottled water fresh from production to consumption is our objective at affordable prices.

Receiving the packs of customized bottled water, the Director for Xoese Ghana, Ms. Emelia Naa Ayeley Aryee, expressed gratitude to TOVILA for the support.

She called on other well-meaning organisations and corporate bodies to emulate TOVILA’s kind gesture so that women and couples will receive the help they need in combatting infertility and the stigma associated with it.

Meanwhile, Xoese Ghana was in the news recently following its Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Seminar held in September 2023.

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