The Dzen Nako Cultural Troupe, hailing from the Adabraka area of the Greater Accra Region, Ghana, has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of traditional dance and music for over a decade.

Founded by a group of professional young artists made up of traditional drummers and dancers in 2006, the troupe has since grown to include over 24 performers ranging in age from just 8 years old to over 70.

Despite their diverse ages and backgrounds, the performers of the Dzen Nako Cultural Troupe are united by their passion for preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of their Ga Traditional Area in particular and Ghana in general.

The group is headed by Hyde Edmond who is from a family of drummers and dancers. Hyde’s insatiable love for arts and culture has made him directed and choreographed several dance forms in the country and performing at diverse cultural and historical festivals.

The troupe’s performances are a feast for the senses, featuring elaborate costumes, colourful props, and intricate choreography that showcase the rich cultural traditions of the country.

From the lively drums and gongs of the “Kpanlogo” Dance to the graceful movements of the “Fumefume”, the Dzen Nako Cultural Troupe brings to life the stories and legends of their people in a way that is both authentic and captivating.

In addition to performing at local festivals and events, the troupe has also toured internationally, bringing their unique cultural experience to audiences around the world.

Their dedication to preserving and sharing their cultural traditions has made the Dzen Nako Cultural Troupe a beloved and respected group within their community and beyond.

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