John Mahama and Mrs. Lordina Mahama

Friends, is there anyone who can tell me he or she does not have enemies? That is impossible, especially if you are successful. Marilyn Monroe has this to say: “Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn’t that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.”

You will be hated no matter how hard you try to please people. I’m, therefore, not surprised at all about the bad things some people say about President John Dramani Mahama. For example how on earth can anybody in his or her right senses tag him as incompetent, when prominent world leaders were falling over themselves to tap his expertise.

Among all the leaders in Africa, President Mahama was the only leader who was appointed to serve on a group of sixteen eminent personalities, not just as an ordinary member, but a Co-Chair of the prestigious Sustainable Development Goals, an arm of the United Nations; the other Co-Chair was the Prime Minister of Norway, Ms. Erna Solberg.

Ghana under President Mahama was good, and was not as bad as some people thought or think, and I’m going to prove it. Nigerian lawmaker and business magnate, Ben Murray-Bruce, challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to follow the good footsteps of President John Dramani Mahama in prioritising education and other sectors of the Nigerian economy.

He stressed, “Nigerian parents spend $1 billion educating their children in Ghana. The reason for that is because we are not investing in our education sector to keep pace with our population growth. I spend time in Ghana; I have employees and businesses there; I have friends there, and so I know what I’m talking about.”

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Ghana under President Mahama was ranked the seventh-best country in governance in Africa according to the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The report which assessed 54 countries on the continent, gave Ghana a score of 63.9 percent in the overall Governance Indicator.

Another interesting development which confirmed that the Ghanaian economy improved was the drop of prices in some major commodities. For example, the price of cement dropped significantly due to the relative stability of the cedi. 50kg bag of cement dropped from GHC31 to GHC29 in September 2016. Today, a 50kg bag of cement sells at GHC50.

People who vilified and are still vilifying President Mahama are those who do not know him or hate him. The young man from Bole is a friend, and a true friend is the one who encourages and brings the best out of his or her friend. I don’t easily believe in things or people, but when I do, I do it with passion!

The South African songstress, Yvonne Chaka Chaka in her song, “This is from me to you”, says that it is now time to share to one another and show some care, and that there is the need to live together in our world, and find the world we all once knew.

On this note, friends, join me to show some love to President John Dramani Mahama because it is hard to find someone who is kind. Some people may loathe him, but there are many more who love and believe in him, and I’m one of them. The time has, therefore, come for me to sing this special plea to him to continue with his humility and good works.

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This is from me to him, and all we have to do as a country is to give him the maximum support to push him to the presidency in January 2025, so that we can find the world we all once knew and live together in our world in true harmony.

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