The constituency Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Akatsi South constituency, Hon. Mawuli Ocloo Egos has picked the NPP Parliamentary Nomination Form for the 2023 Parliamentary Primaries of the party.

Barely two weeks after the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) opened the doors for the sale of nomination forms to aspirants, a former Assembly member who has served his political party for the past 13 years as its constituency Secretary has gotten his today in the midst of heavy convoy although the amount is hefty.

In a remark to express his interest in the nomination forms to the media, Hon. Mawuli Ocloo called on all members of his party to engage in a collective fight against the politics of destruction.

He has also assured that his election if given the nod, would not be a friend to efforts that will undermine the development of the Akatsi South constituency.

He said that his election would provide a sense of belonging to all parts of the constituency when he becomes his party’s parliamentary candidate for the 2024 general election.

Mawuli Ocloo

“Unity of purpose, understanding, and working together for us to actually realize the all-important goal of rescuing Akatsi South is very dear to me, he said.

Hon. Ocloo, who had officially joined the race barely a week ago, will now contest against the one-term former chairman of the Akatsi South NPP and the current MCE of Akatsi South, Hon. Martin Kofitsey Nyahe who had earlier obtained the form to vie for the same position.

The nomination form was said to have been purchased by a group of motorcyclists, youths, and some Akatsi South Professionals.

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Mr. Ocloo described Like Minds as a group of young Avenor people that feel the constituency is not going in the right direction and needs “a seasoned young politician that can steer the affairs of the constituency in the right direction irrespective of the party affiliation.

Speaking to the media, he has expressed gratitude to the multitude that joined his convoy for the purchase of the forms, the party elders, supporters of his NPP, and the people of Akatsi South for believing in the youths.

He has assured the residents that his experience in Ghanaian politics will not allow him to fail the people of Akatsi South if given the nod.

Mr. Ocloo officially enrolling him into the race to be on the ticket of the NPP in the Akatsi South if given the nod ahead of next year’s general election has appealed to the party’s delegates to vote for him.

Speaking to journalists, he revealed that the decision to obtain forms for the Parliamentary candidate election was borne out of sheer concern for the constituency’s dismal trajectory.

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