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The Dairy Farms saga has perceptibly exposed land barons and their appendages and made them writhing in pain and anguish so much that they have no alternative than to fashion out a different strategy of trying to sweet-talk the allodial owners of the dairy farms land in a bid to cover their mischief to avoid further exposé.

It has come to the notice of the owners of the land, being Nii Djanie Tsuru Afutu Brempong IV, presenting Afutu Brempong family of Danfa, Nii Ashong Kojo III, representing Okromansa family of Amrahia and Nii Anang Prosper, regent of Kweiman, a representative of Nii Kweitia family, that the supposed portion earmarked for the Works and Housing Ministry for housing units for the public was rather allegedly shared among some politicians and some civil servants at Lands Commission and Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources at the blind side of the sector minister and the president who actually ordered the release of the land to its rightful owners.

Per the information gathered, portions of the land had been sold to a private developer for the execution of a United Nations project without renegotiating with the owners as the law requires, while the rest was shared among the barons the vice president Dr. Bawumia was seen to have been kicking against for restoration of parity in land administration in the country.

Information has it that an NPP party bigwig at East Legon has allocated thirty (30) acres of the land to himself ostensibly for estate business, over which he gathered all his children and asked them to fashion out an exquisite plan for the estate business.

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The Chiefs wondered why it’s only under the NPP regime that they witness so much expropriating of state lands over which compensations have not been paid for, and the making of an authoritarian populist regime.

They are however advising the new sector Minister, John Abu Jinapor to be more vigilant by watching his men at the Lands Commission and his own ministry closely to avoid his hard earned reputation going down the drain; something they wouldn’t want to see happen to a young and energetic man like him.

They said the lands expropriating brouhaha started when Ayonk Holdings Limited was given a contract to take care of government lands when we have appropriate state security agencies better placed to safeguard state lands.

They claimed that after grabbing the contract, they recruited land guards who go round to identify state lands and then fashion out ways to dispose of them with the connivance of greedy politicians and some staff at the Lands Commission.

Watch out for more information on this matter in the next edition of The citizen Newspaper.

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