Baileys Delight

Meeting up with some friends or bae this weekend? What about bae? Or perhaps you are looking for an alternative to the usual alcoholic beverages you and your friends usually opt for.

Did someone say alternative?

If so then Baileys Delight is the way to go. Baileys Delight is a new variant of Baileys Original Irish cream liqueur but with a delightful touch of African honey.

Here are a few reasons you should include the new Baileys Delight to your shopping list.

Baileys Delight is meant to be enjoyed chilled but without ice. Unlike Baileys Original, which is enjoyed with ice, Baileys Delight is best served chilled. So go ahead and put a delightful bottle of Baileys Delight in the fridge for a while and enjoy the cool taste of delicious creaminess. Remember, NO ICE is needed.

Baileys Delight is an addition to Baileys Original and not a replacement. Don’t be led astray, Baileys Delight is not a replacement to Baileys Original Irish Cream. Baileys Delight is a premium liqueur blending Delicious cream with a taste of African honey that you can indulge in.

Baileys Delight costs 40cedis only. The new Baileys Delight is affordable. For just 40cedis, you can purchase a 750ml bottle of this a light and lush cream liqueur with a taste of African honey and a whole lot of delight. It’s super.

Try Baileys Delight today and enjoy a delightful experience.

Don’t forget to drink responsibly.

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