Missing Children

A missing or lost child is a child who has disappeared under unknown circumstances or a child who is too young to appropriately be considered an endangered runaway.

This ranges from a child wandering off and becoming lost, to a child who may have been abducted, but no one saw it happen.
Some children who go missing are neither abducted nor do they decide to leave home.

This category of cases includes disappearances for no apparent reason of smaller children who get lost.

It can also include children with a physical or other disability that limits their ability to return home or to the place where their parent or custodian is.

Cases of ‘Missing Children’ may take a long time to resolve and are often the most traumatic moments for the families left behind.

The complex type of grief experienced by these families is referred to as “ambiguous loss” as they can feel stuck between having the hope of finding the child and needing to grieve their loss to be able to move forward.

2019 GJA Best Female Journalist, Regina Asamoah since May 2021, has focused on investigating where missing children are kept and sought to reunite these children with their families.

After successfully reuniting over 100 missing children through her three major documentaries on the MISSING CHILDREN which focused on five Children’s Homes in the Greater Accra Region, her investigations lead her to the Central Region of Ghana.

Forty-five (45) missing children were found in six Children’s Homes in the Central Region. 32 of these children were found in one Children Home in the Awutu Senya East Municipality, Kasoa.

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Kasoa undoubtedly is one of the busiest communities in Ghana and in such a busy community, the tendency of children going missing is high.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 9 encourages that children should not be separated from their parents unless they are not being properly looked for. Article 39 of the same Document says a child has the right to Recovery and Reintegration.

This means that Ghana as a country must at all costs, ensure that these children enjoy their rights although their missing.

It is in this vein that this Documentary seeks to help find the parents or families of all these children shown so they go home to live in a family as families are irreplaceable.

Season 3 premiers on March 7, 2022, on Atinka TV at 4 pm.

The premiering will be streamed live on Facebook at Atinka TV Ghana.

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