I have heard with my ears and read about the incredible stories of Ghana. Ghana, a nation birthed in riches and great human resources. From time immemorial, we have been at the forefront of liberation.

The spirit of boldness and courage flow at the shores of Ghana. This was proven in the era of the slave trade when our forefathers were carried away into a foreign land.

It is said that one of the earliest slave revolts in North America conquered the Danish-owned island of St. John were Akans, an African people from modern-day Ghana. Plagued by widespread illness, droughts, and harsh slave codes, in November 1733, a group of high-ranking Akans began to plot against their Danish masters.

One of the founding fathers of Guyana was a Ghanaian called Kofi, who led a revolt of 2500 slaves against their masters in 1763, and he is a great icon in Guyana today. Also, in Jamaica, we have great people like Queen Nanny and Acheampong who fought to free many slaves.

It is not surprising that Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country to gain independence.

We have the fighting spirit, and we represent a beacon of hope to nations dealing with the shackles of colonialism and to people of African descents in great nations like the USA and Australia battling with racial segregation and injustice.

Our annual celebration of independence is losing its relevance because we have failed to carry on the fight of freedom.

The devils we fought have come back to us today in the name of religion, financial aid, and partisan ideologies.

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The fundamental values in our society that propelled us to defeat our enemies today have been broken down. We have willingly surrendered ourselves to them by dumping our culture to the extent that today’s generation have no confidence even in their own languages.

We have seen children being raised in Ghana but cannot even speak their language. We have lost control of our resources and continue to embrace foreign cultures at the detriment of ours. Where is our freedom, and what are we celebrating?

As much as we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah today, it seems like our struggles have been rendered useless by our unpatriotic corrupt leaders and citizens who have sold their own people for a ransom.

We are deeply divided by tribes, politics, and religion, and these pose a threat to our quest for total freedom. If there is anything we can do to bring back colonial resistance, it starts by change of attitude and mindset.

We must fight corruption by abhorring egocentrism, ethnicity, and partisan ideologies, which have been deeply rooted in our society today. You cannot fight the evils outside when there are cracks within.

Why are we more partisan than being nationalistic and why do we defend politicians and their corrupt practices instead of defending our nation? We have come to a crossroads where our attitude today will determine the destiny of our nation.

If we are indeed free, then freedom must reflect in every facet of our lives. Arise Ama Ghana and bear the torch of freedom. If our Fathers did it, we can also lean on their strength to fight ahead.

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Ghana the weak, and Africa looks up to you for total freedom. May God bless our nation and watch over our walls from the hands of oppressors. Happy Independence Day, Ghana! Ayekoo.

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