US strengthens business advocacy

NDC’s intransigence in preventing the government from passing the E-Levy undermines its weakness in a democratic dispensation.

It is very interesting to observe NDC activists proposing various reasons from Ghanaians not wanting the e-levy, NPP would lose election ’24, the government should go to the IMF, we will not succumb to any intimidation and a host of other reasons to get the government to drop the passage of the E-levy. This is politics of me or never.

Most often Ghanaians refer to the US as the standard of measurement for some decisions and actions. Any observer of US politics with reference to the Congress would note that most invariably there are compromises for the government to function.

Even where the Republicans had threatened and actually shut down governments (Clinton and Obama’s governments) they came around to let the president have his way. My point is that when a government decides on a policy no matter the opposition it always and most invariably gets its way.

NDC’s opposition to the E-levy is in order but it would not lead to the government abandoning its imposition. With or without NDC’s support the government would pass the E-Levy. Instead of NDC making rowdy noises and diverting attention to the Commonwealth for pampering like a mother and her toddler, they should be looking out for a way out of gaining from their position.

NDC should capitalize on the government’s desperation to pass the E-levy and make reasonable demands for its constituents. Volta and Oti Regions are the strongholds of NDC. These regions are yawning for some basic developments for their dilapidated schools under trees, poor roads and bridges, access to good drinking water and others. NDC should make these conditions precedent for the passage of the E-levy and get the government commit to them

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To maintain its opposition to the passage of the bill, some ten NDC parliamentarians would be absent from parliament when it is presented for voting and passage and the rest actually vote against it. This will still maintain NDC’s position and give some of its constituents the developments they need.

NDC should stop its “yenpene mma wonye” politics and concentrate on its ways of winning power in 2024 by telling Ghanaians what they would do differently should they be voted into power.

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