His hatred against Jospong and his business, his chronic lies, and his perpetual wish to see the back of the Jospong conglomerate led by Zoomlion is no longer a secret.

Instead of looking for facts and data to support his continued claims that Jospong is corrupt Ghana’s so-called investigative journalist Mr. Manasseh Azure Awuni whose work is shredded with devilish tactics and pull him down (phd) tendencies is now phishing for information to foment a beef between Ghana’s best business tycoons, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama and Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong.

It is an established fact that what Ibrahim Mahama did on the Odaw River was a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity for just a few days yet some Ghanaians roasted him for no apparent reason.

Indeed, he has said this before, confirmed by his brother Former President John Dramani Mahama following that the goodwill exercise was politicized for reasons of expediency. “What Ibrahim did on the Odaw River was for free because he personally wanted to help the people of Accra to deal with floods” 1st November, 2020 ghanaweb.

Hypocrisy they say is a disease and it exposes people so terribly. During the time that Ghana was lambasting Ibrahim for no apparent reason but that he felt like helping the people of Accra, Manasseh was also busy doubting Ibrahim, calling him names and attacking his senior brother who was then the president with a certain ford saga tag.

After that period, Dredge Masters Ghana Ltd, entered into a contract with the Government of Ghana (GOG) and dredged the river for closed to four years upon periodic contract review and renewal, Manasseh during his phishing finds out that the company has been paid and he turns to attack government leveraging on the current economic difficulties to court sympathy from the public for his populist egoism.

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I thought of ignoring this but Manasseh is dumb you sometimes have to guide him to his lane. Otherwise, how would he not have known that government businesses are not run down because of the financial difficulties and that it’s projects and programmes are funded by various sources within and outside of Ghana?

If the hypocritical Manasseh blindly believes that CSR activities are paid for by the beneficiaries, why did he not use his pen and paper to fight the government of the day then since he is so much in love with Ibrahim to pay for the work done. Manasseh was one of the vuvuzelas that smeared John Mahama that he gave the Odaw River contract to Ibrahim for 200 million GHS. Today he is the one crying more than the bereaved in order to create enmity between him and Jospong who genuinely worked for years to end that money.

The story of the wicked old man is told, he never goes to farm but anybody who returns home from the farm, he must just see what they are carrying in their baskets. One day a young man brought a serpent and when he demanded to see what he was carrying he poured the big serpent on him and he collapsed and died. That is what will happen to hateful Manasseh, it is not my wish though. You don’t go to the borla with Jospong but you are sitting at the ministry waiting to see how much they pay him. Witchcraft proper. 

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I sympathize with President Akufo Addo for suffering the same fate that Former President John Mahama suffered in the hands of Manasseh. I sympathize with John Mahama for the vilification and machiavellian tactics deployed by Manasseh oh him while he was president. When Manasseh calls for the victimization of some people and the president ignores him, he turns around and fights all cylinders but how come only Manasseh proposes to be the wisest Ghanaian who knows what is right and wrong? He sees the rest of us as stupid citizens so he swings our emotions alongside his.

I will continue to be different till he does the right thing.

May the union, respect for each other, big dreams, tact for Ghanaian solutions, and the belief that the Ghanaians can go places spirit keeps Jospong and Ibrahim keep together to fight hard and disgrace detractors like Manasseh.

I pray for long life for the duo and more business openings for them for at least I know that these two people get satisfaction in creating jobs for Ghanaians.

Truly evil people don’t just hurt others. They take pride in the pain they cause to others and then try to blame their victims (


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