There have been numerous speculations about how the NDC camaraderie gets funding to run the affairs of the party since 2016.

Palpable lies have been peddled by surrogates of some frontliners that some particular person or persons have solely sustained the party financially since 2016 till date.

Delving into the basic facts:

Categorically we can say that more than 500 parliamentary aspirants paid Gh27 000 each as filing fees in 2019. Let’s put this into simple arithmetic, 27,000 x 500=13,500 000. From parliamentary aspirants alone, we were able to arrive at the above amount in 2019.

Parliamentarians involvement

We can again say without any scintilla of doubt that our 137 parliamentarians pay GHC1000 cedis each every month from their salaries. This means that we constantly have Gh137 000 every month and Gh1,644,000 per annum from our parliamentarians.

All these monies are supposedly being collected to run the affairs of the party. How can some people peddle falsehood that since 2016 one man has been financing all party activities? And if one man is alleged to be the sole financier of the party, then all those monies being collected, who does the account for us to know how it’s been used?

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