Author: Fadi Dabbousi

In an earlier article, titled “The Hon Chief of Staff vs the Herald Saboteurs”, I posed a pertinent question regarding the timorous media associations and their personnel in Ghana that are more like squatters in the industry than respectable people who have invaded the dumpsters that they preside over to perpetrate nefarious irregularities and human rights breaches than journalism.

Alas, they are as lifeless as a dead thief shot in the dark by another thief as the latter lay down dying, thinking the former was a policeman!

I quote, “Where is the Media Commission? Where is the big-mouthed GJA that seeks to shine on the backdrop of flashy gatherings, wine tasting parties, and flowery language that has no fragrance or lustre to it? Where are the braggarts that sit on radios touting knowledge about issues when they cannot even say a word of truth to debunk the flagitious defecation of the Herald, knowing very well that their assertions are inflammatory lies, unfounded and distastefully dysphonic?”

In another distasteful piece of dung that “dirty Herald” published in its Aug 12 issue, the clowns alleged so many frivolous accusations that have no iota of truth to them.

By indicting the chairman of BOST, claiming that they had acquired a letter allegedly written by him to substantiate their nonsense, they have created more room to contain their tears when the court begins deliberations in the case of defamation brought upon them by the Hon Chief of Staff, Madam Akosua Frema Osei Opare.  I shall quote from their publication word-for-word excerpts that expose their two-timing dastardliness and masquerade in their indefatigable effort at tarnishing the hard-won image of the Chief of Staff!

  1. [The Herald, had in a couple of publications disclosed how the name of the Chief of Staff at the Presidency, is being thrown around by the management of BOST and Board as authorizing certain decisions being taken at that institution!]

This allegation, bereft of any meaningful logic, has no basis whatsoever. In the absence of evidence, this remains just another stinky allegation!

  • [“The BOST workers, had detailed how Mrs Akosua Frema Osei-Opare had been mentioned in the auction of some cars, the purchase of new ones, a foreign trips to some universities, including Harvard in the US among others, as having been authorized by her at a time when there is a freeze on government officials travelling, out of the country due to austerity measures introduced by the Akufo-Addo government!]

Again, where are the details that they have alleged? Nonexistent if you ask me! It is a matter of intentional and premeditated plan to discredit Madam Frema and the government of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo.

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By the way, during the covid pandemic a travel ban was imposed and adhered to strictly unless in an urgent exception to the rule. As for students to Harvard or other institutions, are they saying that Ghanaians do not deserve to be given support to study abroad especially when the students are exceptionally bright?

At least Ghanaians benefitted with Harvard education, a wise and pragmatic use of resources to enhance the lives of citizens than John Mahama’s free vehicles to twerking women and concubines!

  • [Other issues that the Herald reported on, had to do with variations in the agreement to purchase an office complex, procure furniture for same at the cost of US $900,000, a GHc1 million monthly payments to the Ministry of Energy vaguely described as meant for “budget support”, the purchase of printers for EOCO, although same institutions has regularly been investigating BOST and its dealings among other issues!]

The most vexatious inference from all these baseless allegations is that they are mere heresy and lack merit, tenaciously crafted with the criminal aim to assassinate the character of Madam Chief of Staff. I shall pause here to continue telling the shame of the trashy Herald next!

Nanso mo br)f) ny3 d3 koraa!!!

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