Jefferson Kwamena Sackey
Jefferson Kwamena Sackey

Author: William Nana Beeko

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Aspirant for Ablekuma Central, Jefferson Kwamena Sackey has vowed to deal with all Negative Energies that characterise elections, particularly in the Ablekuma Central Constituency.

According to him, classifying Ablekuma Central as one of the flash points of election violence in the Greater Accra Region must be a thing of the past.

He was worried that Ablekuma Central has long been noted for such notoriety and is seeking to end such politics of Negative Energy.

He said, should the NPP Delegates give him the mandate to become the Parliamentary Candidate, he will approach politics in an entirely different way with the prime object to heal wounds, mobilise people and constituents together, address the concerns of aggrieved parties to bring a new positive energy and vibration of unity among the people.

“From my experiences in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, and all these places, I have realised that politics is not just about political ambitions, but instead it should be about the people. It should be about direct positive energy impact on the people and I strongly believe that for a Constituency like Ablekuma Central, the negative energy that has always surrounded us, especially during elections has to be wiped away.

I remember in the last elections one person was killed which is a very bad energy for us. But this time around, I want to bring a new energy where development is the focus, where togetherness is the focus, where respect for the people is the focus,” he noted.

He was speaking to journalists on Saturday 25th March 2023 after he visited some NHIS Registration Centers under his ongoing ‘JEFFERSON CARE’ health initiative.

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The key areas and communities earmarked for various projects include LATERBIOKORSHIE, MAMBROUK, ABOSSEY OKAI, NMENMETTE, MATAHEKO, GBORTSUI, and ADWENBU.

Since the launch of the ‘JEFFERSON CARE’, hundreds of thousands of residents and NPP members have been registered and issued NHIS Cards accordingly.

The Deputy Director of Communications at the Presidency further said he is also coming with the intention to spread the wealth of Abossey Okai to other areas of the constituency to leverage the economic gains.

Ablekuma Central Constituency seat which is currently being occupied by the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) hosts the Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers making it one of the largest economic hubs and wealthiest areas in Ghana.

He bemoaned, “But unfortunately, other areas like Sukura, Russia, and its surrounding communities have not been able to leverage economically.

Look at the structure of Abossey Okai, the amount of money and taxes these people pay into government coffers, and if you go very close by to the Sukura areas you can easily tell the economic difference. So we are coming to leverage and spread the resources and the wealth into each part of the electoral area or the constituency.”

“That is why I am asking the people to give me the mandate to be able to lead them and I will tell you that there has never been any good time for me than now after many years of working as a journalist and traveling around the world and seeing how their governments treat people,” Jefferson Kwamena Sackey indicated.

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He added, “If you move around Abossey Okai and you live among the spare parts people, they will tell you that they are not happy with our party because they think over the years we haven’t been able to treat them well.

They raise genuine concerns that we haven’t shown them enough respect but I think that respect is reciprocal and it also depends on the kind of leaders you elect to lead the Constituency and if they are complaining about disrespect then obviously I think it is a leadership problem.”

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