The galamsey menace is a creeping sensation that is gradually becoming more dangerous to nature. The positive news today is that the government has declared war against this criminality and the entire nation seemingly is rallying behind this worthy cause. All miscreants involved in this act must be fished out and dealt with drastically.

What amuses us is the soft nature of our courts when it comes to dealing with this criminality. Just last week some six Chinese who were arrested for indulging in Galamsey and other related crimes have been granted bail. That should not be the case if we value the harm these activities cause to us as a nation

This crime should be a NON BAILABLE OFFENCE, keep them in custody till the conclusion of the trail and make them serve their sentences here before deporting them to their respective countries, not forgetting to surcharge them to reclaim the land. 

There are laws that warrant a judge to jail galamsey criminals up to a handsome 25 years yet non of such jail sentences has been dished out so far regardless the many arrest that have been made. Our judicial system must learn to be an enemy to these persons. The President and government must enforce the laws in order to shy others away from the act.

How does one person destroy the life in a whole river body and go free when they can’t do same in their home countries.

The nation should forge into this fight with unison and the political will of the President to stop this should be fully supported.

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Our laws must work if the nation is to be fixed. Our courts must effect the results we need when these miscreants are arrested and brought before them.

Long live Ghana, Npp and Nana Addo. 


Nana Osei Boateng 
NPP Germany Branch Communications Director. 

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