Samini Cultural Troupe, a group based in Ghana is set to participate in the 2022 edition of Damba Cultural Festival which is scheduled to take place in April in London.

The sons and daughters of all the major ethnic groups in the northern territories of Ghana living in the United Kingdom have come together to use Damba Festival that defines their identity as one people living in different areas to call for peace and unity in their communities under the theme, Peace and Unity: A tool for Development.

Performing at the event is the effervescent Samini Troupe.

The group’s performances stand out for their cultural uniqueness, showcasing a fusion of Dagomba and Dagaati ethnic styles of drumming, dancing, vibrant displays of energy, fireworks, cycling, acrobatics, and creative music whiles showcasing Damba Festival—all presented on a single stage.

Samini Troupe is noted for their dexterity in the playing of Ghanaian traditional instruments such as the Xylophone, popularly called Gyil – a traditional wooden instrument that is central to Dagaati music. It produces a rich, resonant sound and is often played in ensembles.

Other instruments to see the group perform with on stage are flutes and horns which artistically add melodic and harmonic textures to the music, complementing the rhythms of the drums and xylophones.

The festival is organised by City Face Limited, an event management company in Tamale, the northern regional capital of Ghana, with a subsidiary office in the UK in conjunction with the northern Ghana community living in the UK.

The programme is scheduled for the 8th of April, 2022 and it is expected to showcase a typical northern traditional festive celebration that is characterised by drumming and dancing and a show of traditional regalia featuring the smock prominently.

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According to the oragnisers, the objective of the festival is to sell the northern culture through cultural performances and displays to the international community, introduce Northern/Ghanaian tradition to their children born outside Ghana and bring their community together to give peace a chance.

The move is expected to foster understanding, tolerance and unity among all the descendants of the north of Ghana in the Diaspora and to urge celebrants to preach peace and unity to relatives back home and not only concentrate on financial remittances.

The Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland is expected to attend to grace the occasion and deliver a message of hope and prosperity to the festival.

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