It appears that the level of injustice meted out to innocent Ghanaians by some superpower business bunch of racist foreigners is assuming new heights in Ghana.

One sad intriguing case of reference is the story of Fuad Fattal, the only Ghanaian black family relation of the Lebanese Fattal family in Ghana.

He is currently going through an ordeal akin to a Black Sheep Affair in the hands of his own family.

It has turned out that his siblings and cousins led by one popular Businessman, Ahmed Fattal, have hatched a ploy to twist his arms using the state machinery to seize and sell all properties in Ghana belonging to their late Grandfather, Mohammed Fuad Fattal without any family agreement.

It would be recalled that the properties were confiscated in the 70s under the erstwhile Acheampong Government but the NDC regime under the Jerry John Rawlings administration released the properties to the victim Fuad Fattal in the 90s upon several appeals and compassionate considerations.

But from all indications, the vampires are back to what they do best by forging document to sell those properties.

The Victim, Mr. Fuad Fattal, took his time to narrate the whole racist agenda against his Ghanaian origin Black colour in the midst of greedy white wolves.

So far, it has been only one of their Uncles FAWAZ FATTAL who has vowed to stop the illegality against the Victim Fuad Fattal and is solidly behind him.

As a result of this resistance by FAWAZ FATTAL, we are learning from reports that he has now become an enemy to Ahmed Fattal and his corrupt racist cohorts.

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There have also been years of legal battles concerning this issue but they always buy their way through.

Please kindly take a read:

“I Fouad Fattal, Ghanaian and Resident of Tesano in Accra, wish to state that I fought for the release of the confiscated property of my late Grandfather in the 90s Mohammed Fuad Fattal, which was granted by the government on compassionate grounds taking into consideration the discrimination that had been meted out to me by some family relations.

Sadly, after the release my Uncles and Cousins decided to sideline me because of the colour of my skin since am the only Black in the Fattal family born to a Ghanaian Black mother.

As a result of this racist treatment they started selling some of the lands and real estate properties without any consultation let alone giving me a dime from the proceeds accruing from the sales.

The Lead Mastermind of this whole hatch of arm twisting is my Brother Ahmed Fattal.

Ahmed Fattal in particular received into his personal accounts proceeds in the sum of USD $1 Million with respect to one of the land properties at Spintex Road in Accra without consulting me and without giving me a dime from the proceeds.

The other properties, amongst others, they also sold without involving me was a storey building Residential Apartments property located at Cantonments in Accra.

Then also a commercial building property known as United Lamp Limited at the North Industrial Area, and a property at Tudu all in Accra.

Against this background and upon a tip-off, that another property next was being targeted for sale, I quickly took over to protect it.

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As it stands, Ahmed Fattal and his group are fighting to take these remaining properties from me and sell them.

At this juncture, I hearby appeal to the police to intervene to end this act of injustice being meted out to me through the illegal sale of properties without any family concensus and collective decision.

More so, I in person for whose sake the government granted the release of those properties on compassionate grounds appeal to those politicians and authorities in high places to stop conniving with these racist bunch of family crooks.

I want Ahmed Fattal and his accomplices to be held liable for the properties sold so far.”

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