The youths of Ghana will be marching to the office of the president of Ghana to demand their freedom and plead with him to step down. The president’s attitude towards governance is as someone without a conscience who operates based on probabilities.

If you happen to have your president sleep in the presidential seat which is supposed to be the seat of wisdom, you have to expect the worst governance. The hardships in the country have become unbearable.

Economically, the hardships are too much, and Bawumia-who has self-acclaimed to himself the title of being one of the finest economists in the world now has his head in a pot: he no longer has the balls in his scrotum to give him the energy he had and used to speak in 2016. Nana Addo should be prepared to expand prisons.

Stakeholders are quiet about what is happening in the country. The Christian Council which was so loud during the previous government has now put on headsets- they hear nothing. Perhaps, their church offerings are intact. Tithes continue to flow despite the hardships on their church members. Perhaps, for them, the overly hardships in the country go to constrain their church members to be submissive to God and to them. Or maybe they actually have taken bribes and maybe committing themselves should they break the silence.

The heat in the county is killing everyone. As a result of the hardships this government has brought into Ghana, some animals have even fled the country to seek refuge elsewhere. Why did some Ghanaians choose to stay in Ukraine when the government wanted to bring them home? Perhaps, after weighing the hardships in Ghana which they were to face, choosing to stay in Ukraine and die became the best option for them.

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The hardships in the country today is such that individuals and babies being born today in Ghana would prefer their mothers killing them than to come to this part of the world. The heat in the country is hot!

In just a few days coming, the youths of Ghana will rise up to demand their freedom. It has come to the notice of every wise Ghanaian and citizen, the hardships your government has brought upon them and they will march to your office at Jubilee House and demand for freedom and justice.

Mr. President, the scene will be very awful and you will be forced to save your image-(even though I doubt you have one now), thus, arresting all of them. This is why I call on you to expand prisons across the country. You have consciously decided to silence Ghanaians by your move to arrest anyone who stands up to straighten some paths you take.

Today in the Ghana you have created, by the mention of the word “coup” you feel threatened and arrest those people. You forget about your bad governance which has brought hardships on them. Having made the country like a heated oven, which outlet do you expect people to take? Remember that coup is a word in the dictionary and as you like to use “fellow Ghanaians”, so some prefer to use “coup.”

The rise of the people and their demand for your resignation will happen right before your eyes. You are lucky perhaps to have one of the most confusing parliament in the world which does not feel the hardships their people feel and then impeach you: they’re perhaps in parliament to help push for the hardship decisions you deliberately bring upon the people. Mr. President, Ghanaians no longer eat good English language constructions, neither are they going to eat promises: but they desire to have their freedom from the suicide some of your bad policies are forcing them to commit.

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You will love to be reminded to expand prisons in the country, Mr. President. The youths will rise up and demand their inalienable rights and freedoms and the justice you have sacrificed for the sake of your party and personal agenda. It is obvious your presidency is arresting all Ghanaians- if so, then you will consider my advice to expand prisons as a good one.

Good luck Mr. President!!!

Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

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